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i miss the smell of your soap...

December 4, 2020



I miss the smell of your soap that lingered in the bathroom after you finished showering.
I remember how it used to flood the entire landing, I miss it, even if it was over-powering.

Sometimes, when it's late and I'm still up, I make sure to tip-toe past your room, scared I'll wake you up.
I tend to forget the small things, like instead of making a pot of tea, I now just need to make one cup.

Every time that I do the washing up, a memory of you dancing around the kitchen with a drying cloth appears.
Holidays are no fun anymore, I have to circle things in the catalogues by myself, that makes me drop a few tears.

I still watch your stupid tv shows, they remind me of rainy Thursday evenings with you,.
I kept most of your stuff, apart from that ugly green and pink chair made of bamboo.

I'd do anything to hear your laugh or see your smile, it will never be the same looking at you in a photo frame.
I miss the smell of your soap that lingered in the bathroom after you finished showering. Mines just isn't the same.

Tell me about someone you miss, I'm intrigued.


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  • anemoia (#words)

    this makes me ache. if this is based on experience, here are some hugsss. :)
    re: i've always known them to be called sc-oh-nes as in long "o"
    and in reply to your question... hm. i miss... i miss an atmosphere, an environment more than a specific person. the end of 8th grade year was golden, great, shining. except for the extreme awkwardness with a guy i sort of had a "thing" with. it took me over a year not to cringe just thinking about him. i got "over" him fairly quick, but not over the awkwardness. but other than that, i miss the ease and comfort of 8th grade. the memories. the days that felt right and real.

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Haha we were in songwriting class together and were required to partner up with someone we didn't usually sit with. We're both better at writing independently so the song wasn't great, but it was alright. Not a romantic thing at all tho XD he's gay. But it was fun.

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh, bb... This is so precise and touching and intricate and lovely... I'm so sorry that this person is no longer with you.
    In answer to your question: I miss an old crush of mine. I haven't seen him in a few years. We had some good times. Excuse me while I go digging for the song we wrote together and reminisce.

    5 months ago