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December 3, 2020


Here I am, waiting for the water in the pot on the stove to boil so I can cook two eggs. Usually I would have boiled the jug first, so it would start boiling a lot quicker, but today I don't want to do that. It may or may not have something to do with finding a dead spider suspended in the water of the jug two days ago, hanging there like some strange specimen kept preserved in amber. The jug has since been washed out and used by my family members, and as far as I know none of them have dropped dead. Maybe I'm just over-cautious. 
    So, I'm sitting here trying to write something. Waiting for water to boil. I think I'll write about how societies stereo-types negatively effect most of the population. 
    Now think about this for a minute, has anyone ever told you to not wear something because it wasn't right for your gender? Say your a male human, have you ever been told not to wear makeup, or a dress? If the answer is no, why? Is it because you've never done anything like that? If so, is that because you didn't want to, or you did want to be perceived as too "girly"? 
    Now say you're a girl. Have you ever been told you're a tomboy? Is that because you wore a piece of fabric known as clothing, that was too "masculine"?
    I think my water is boiling, so I'm going to go cook my egg and come back to this.
    Yup, water was boiling. Eggs are now cooking. 
    Now I want you to ask yourself something; why? I started asking myself that a few years ago, and since then I haven't been able to read something without asking it. Why do women take men's names when they get married? Why is a "tomboy" the exception? Why is it inherently feminine for a human being to wear makeup (especially when in ancient Egypt most people wore it for a whole bunch of reasons...)? 
    Now, I give you another way of thinking, which I received when I asked a friend if he would pose in a tiara for a portrait I was going to paint involving breaking down gender stereo-types: Tiaras look bad on everyone. Wow, say it like it is. 
    Eggs are now done but too hot to eat. 
    So yeah, gender stereo-types just about control the way all human-beings live. Fantastic. Any questions? 
    Yes, if you want to wear something or do something or act a certain way, but it fits a gender stereo-type, of course you should. As long as your not violating anyone's human-rights, or Charlie Brown's right to be strangely philosophical, go right ahead. 
    To answer that question, yes, I am aware that historical fiction books are always extremely sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and basically all-round discriminatory. And yes, that makes my blood boil. I still read them though, even though I personally would not have been treated well in that time. It's interesting to learn things from them. 
    Now, I'm not telling you how you should or shouldn't act. In-fact, the fact that I'm not is basically what this essay (essay?) is about. 
    So next time you listen to gender stereo-types, ask yourself this: Why? 
    I'm going to eat my boiled eggs now. 


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  • maryse

    Replying Replying: Thanks for your comment! And I totally agree. I feel like cities get written about a lot, metropolis areas and the like, but actual small towns don't get a lot. Oddly, villages get mentioned more, but they're always quaint and beautiful with a picturesque river running through. Small towns are definitely unrepresented and I think you did a great job capturing the essence of one, especially how forgettable they seem when surrounded by mountains and lakes.
    Lovely piece by the way! The present tense thing is very original and quite refreshing.

    5 months ago