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Message to Readers

Chapter 4!!

it may be a bit confusing because I pick up with Ladell's perspective as Tallis is escaping from Colborne.

-If you would like to be updated when I publish this series LMK in the comments.
-If I have updated you and you don't want to be updated--sorry my bad. Just let me know and I'll take you off the list (no offense taken)

The format for this story focuses on telling the tale through flashbacks. If it gets confusing please let me know so I can revise the story so it is more clear.

What did you guys think? Do you like the characters? Any and all feedback is wanted and greatly appreciated.

love you guys so so much...your support is so encouraging <333

On the High Seas | 4

December 3, 2020


Ladell looked out towards the town. The first light of day was just appearing on the horizon, casting a pinkish glow on the sleeping village. Ladell waited anxiously at the railing of her ship. She wanted Tallis to come with them, although she knew the risk of aiding him in his escape from Captain Colborne. All she could do was hope that he succeeded in his break-in. 
    “Captain! Are you ready to set sail?” Avril, Ladell’s first mate, called from the sterncastle.
    “In a minute!” Ladell yelled back. She scanned the docks, searching for her friend. Then she saw him. Her heart leaped within her chest when she saw the danger. He was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, clutching a satchel to his chest. Ladell gasped as she saw why he was running. Close behind him was one of Colborne’s men. She could see two more figures running along the street.
    “Avril! Trim the sails! Marley! Corrin! Turn the ship!” Ladell yelled to her crew. 
    The crew on the Manta hurried to obey their captain’s orders. As they turned the ship to set sail, Ladell climbed the ratlines to the sails. Ladell grabbed a loose rope. As the ship pulled from the dock, Ladell threw the rope as far as she could towards the dock and towards Tallis. 
    “Thanks,” Tallis said as one of the crew helped him aboard. Ladell was at his side a second later. “So--” Tallis started.
    “We almost left without you,” Ladell interrupted. “I’d half-hoped you’d just come without finishing your job.”
    “You know I couldn’t do that!”
    “I tried to warn you! You're already an enemy of Colborne! You can’t run forever, he’ll catch up with you!”
    “It was way harder than I expected,” Tallis admitted. “I barely made it out!”
    “I’m surprised you even made it in,” Ladell said. She was impressed by Tallis’ growth in skill from when they had first started working together. “How’d you do it?”
    Tallis gave a mischievous smile, “I never reveal my secrets.”
    Ladell rolled her eyes. 
    “You know you loved it,” Tallis said, feigning a wistful look. “Golden Eye and Swindler, back together!”
    “Yea, okay,” Ladell joked, “I loved saving you from the bad guys!” She laughed, but then her voice grew soft. “You look tired, Tallis. Go to my cabin, take a nap. It’s a small crew so I’ll need your help to make port. But that won’t be ‘till tomorrow. Get some rest.
    Tallis nodded. He didn’t deny the adrenaline that kept him going had also worn him out. 
    Ladell watched as he made his way to the deck below before taking her place back at the helm. As the distant shore of Parconna Beach disappear behind them, she tried not to smile. Tallis was right. It was fun working together again. She missed the thrill of a fast escape--a feeling you didn’t get when raiding ships. It brought back so many memories. Most brought a smile to her face. Except one...the first time they had found themselves in Thornley’s grasp.

    Thornley had used Ladell and Tallis to do his dirty work. It was a few months after their first coach-robbery, and they had gotten better. They weren’t perfect, but they learned to tell which coaches had valuable contents and how to steal them. 
    One cold, winter night, Ladell and Tallis were passing a tavern. Since it was nearly dusk and a light snow had started to fall, the yard in front of the tavern was empty, except for a few coaches. Ladell and Tallis snuck behind the coach closest to the road. Ladell watched the entrance to the tavern while Tallis picked the locks on several trunks. Tallis worked as fast as he could, pocketing anything valuable he could sell. Billfolds were the ideal target, but most passengers kept those on their person. 
    “Psst!” Tallis whispered. “Ladell, come look at this one!” 
    Ladell left her post and snuck over to see what had startled Tallis. She gasped when she saw the coach parked around the side of the tavern. It was pure black with red curtains. Ladell pulled herself up so she could peek through the window. 
    “Woah, Tallis! Whoever owns this coach must be rich!”
    “Then they’ll probably be carrying some valuables!” Tallis said as he began to work on one of the brass locks. A few clicks later he was in. 
    “This one’s full of silk tunics,” Tallis said disappointed. “Worth hardly anything second-hand. Maybe I’ll--” Tallis didn’t get to finish. A dark shadow blocked the light from the tavern. 
    “Well, well, well,” a deep voice bellowed. “What do we have here?”
    Ladell and Tallis froze as large calloused hands clasped them each on the shoulders. The speaker spun them around so they faced him. A large man loomed over them, his tall figure reaching almost seven feet tall. His broad shoulders and muscled arms gripped the young thieves. Another man, just as strong, stood behind him, waiting for orders.  
    “Please, sir,” Ladell said, her voice skipping an octave. “We were only looking. I’ve never seen a coach so grand!”
    “None of that. I saw what you two were up too. You hit nearly every coach in the yard! If I was a virtuous citizen--” the man’s companion gave a menacing chuckle when his boss said this--“I would turn you in!”
    Ladell looked nervously at Tallis. 
    “Get into the coach,” the man barked. His companion opened the door and grabbed Ladell’s arm, pulling her inside. 
    “Look,” Tallis started, “We didn’t take anything. Please, we won’t--”
    “Get in.” The man slipped a silver knife from his belt. “Don’t make me ask again,” he threatened. 
    Tallis swallowed nervously but got into the coach as ordered. The man followed and his companion locked the door after them. Bang, bang, bang. The man thumped the roof above him and the carriage started forward. Ladell and Tallis sat, stock still, across from the man who, in return, stared them down. 
    Finally, after what seemed like hours, he spoke. “What’s your haul?” 
    “Uh, any--anything we can sell,” Tallis stuttered.
    “I take it that little girl act works on a lot of people ‘round here, huh?”
    “Yes, sir,” Ladell said shyly. “Well, mostly everyone,” she added, looking down. 
    The man stroked the scruff of his beard, thinking thoughtfully. Suddenly his rough expression changed into a sly smile. “Yes, you’ll work perfectly.”
    “Sir?” Tallis ventured. 
    “The name’s Thornley,” he said. “And I have a few jobs for you.”

Ladell hadn’t seen Tallis since they split ways almost six years ago. Six years, she realized with a start. Ladell had
often wondered where Tallis had ended up. Part of her felt sorry for turning down Tallis’ offer. If she had stayed with him, he might not have gotten caught up with Thornley again. But Ladell didn’t regret her decision. She had lived six glorious years of adventure. She was able to sail and see places she had never dreamed of. But once a thief, always a thief. There was good money in pirating, although she never kept any of it. Ladell knew the hardships of trying to survive alone at a young age. She often gave the money to the young beggars she met in the streets of the villages where they made port. 
    “Avril! Take the wheel," Ladell said. "I’m going down below to see our new crewmate."


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    1. You use the characters names a lot, which is definitely better than overusing pronouns. But if I were writing this, I'd probably change quite a few of the Ladells and Tallises to shes and hes. Or, to be creative you could use things like "The (insert applicable adjective) (insert applicable noun)". I think this would work well in the flashback, I.E. "The young thieves" or something.
    2. I was a bit confused at the bit where someone was chasing Tallis. I think including something like "the man shook his fist at them as the ship left the dock, then gave up, jumping to the cobble-stone ground." Because to me it seemed that he just disappeared.
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