My name is Riku, I am a Meif'wa, and I live in Marshmallow village in the Tu'la region. I enjoy reading writing, video games, playing outside, drawing, and just being creative in general. An interesting fact about me is; I hate spiders,

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Does this reflect the song that is is based on (Pompeii by Bastille)


December 3, 2020

Write a story inspired by a song, with credit to the songwriter in the footnotes

    As my crimes were forgiven, my treachery against the mayor forgotten, I was left to my own devices, many days fell away with nothing to show, I was free, but a prisoner still to my own poverty and depression.

    And now, a I watch and wait, the walls tumble down as the hot lava crashes against them, and the dark clouds of ash roll over the hills, blanketing us in a darkness from above.  But I close my eyes, as should you, and realise that almost feels like we've been here before, and that nothing has been here before... Bullshit, there's no way to be an optimist about this, no damn way...

Sigh, we were so caught up with our vices, and didn't even notice as the volcano that was our crown jewel began to rain dust, dust that settles and hardens around those around me, I myself spared for a brief few moments in my home.  Oh, where can I begin to explain, the rubble or our sins, perhaps the rubble is punishment for our sins.

But, as the hot ash settles around us, encasing us in our living hell, the whole city takes up a song, our fighting song, we're not going out quietly, let the whole world hear us...

Eh-oh, eh-oh
Eh-eh-oh, eh-oh
Eh-eh-oh, eh-oh
Eh-eh-oh, eh-oh

And with that, I close my eyes, and give up my soul to the fires of hell, where I can see them again, my beloved, my child...
Song Credit: Pompeii by Bastille

Please check out the song, It helps to understand the story


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