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Yes, I am aware I did not put a 'n' on my name. No I do not care.


May 6, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of times I fell asleep crying: 47. Number of times i've moved: 14. Number of times I ate alone: 12. Number of true friends: 1. How many animals I have had: 35. How many times I forgot what I was saying mid-sentence: 109. How many bananas I have eaten: 79. How many schools I have been to: 4. How many siblings I live with: 2. Number of self-inflicted nose bleeds: 1. Number of bruises: 579. Number of how many times I have fell: 5,932. How many fireflies I have caught: 255. How many caterpillars I have caught: 39. How many piercings I have: 5. How many times I was hit: 249. How many people I hate: 1. How many I "love': 0. How many funerals I have been to: 29. How many weddings I have been to: 7. How many converse I currently own: 8. How many pair of glasses I have had: 5. How many F's I have had on a report card: 1. How many times I spent my birthday alone: 3. How many times I questioned life: 57. Number of days I have smiled at least once: 5,110. Number of compliments given: 5,678. How many seconds I have been alive: 470,571,004. How many times I have been late to a class: 78. 


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