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Yannie (Busssy.Beee) and I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone reading. It really mean so much that we've had a lot of support during the collaboration, and are so excited to give you more! Again, thank you! Have a spectacular day, and we sincerely hope to make it even better <3

As Fate Would Have Us | Chapter Five

December 4, 2020


Looking for other chapters? Check the Footnotes for the previous chapters so you don't miss out.

William staggered to the chair in the corner, tugging the collar of his blue button-down shirt. It was too hot in the room. Akemia had left only a short while ago, but the seconds seemed to go slower than ever before. He fell into the cream colored cushions, swiping at the sweat on his brow. The doctor said that the pain was good. But it was worse than being stabbed with a sword. 

He glared at his damp bed sheets with his icy blue eyes. “You can’t make the sheets feel bad,” someone chortled from behind him.

William glanced back at Chandler, coughing until his face became crimson. “A… guy can try,” he wheezed, pointing to another chair in invitation. Chandler plopped down, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“You better get well soon, Will. You gotta train me so I can be stronger than you.”

“You already are,” William said, his throat burning. He dry-heaved, and Chandler quickly slapped his friend on the back. “I’m fine,” the Duke said, voice raspy. “How’s life outside… the room?"

“It hasn’t changed. Not much anyway. Paperwork is as boring as ever. You can do it if you want something to keep you occupied.” Chandler said, picking his fingernails.

“I don’t think… I’m that bored.” he whispered, “Speaking of royal duties, … what do you think… of Madame Akemia?”
Chandler stopped dead in his tracks. William noticed and stared. He’s never seen Chandler like this. Chandler was always happy, friendly, and talkative. Not once did he fall silent, just like he did right now. 

“Chandler? Are you going...to answer my...question?” he asked again, pushing Chandler to answer. Chandler began to cry, salty tears tumbling down his pale cheeks. William became puzzled. Chandler was crying, and he rarely did such a thing. 

“I’m just… worried. I mean, I really, really like her, but… my destiny is out there somewhere, and marrying Akemia would ruin that. Marrying someone without the same mark never ends well. I mean, I know that-”

“But… there hasn’t been another… couple with different markings. Not… married ones anyway.”

“And why do you think that is?” Chandler huffed, dragging a hand down his face. “Because it never works out.” He yanked up the cuff of his sleeve, baring the branding on his flesh. “And I seriously doubt someone like her has a turkey on her arm.”

“Uhm…” William snorted, attempting not to laugh, but failing. His laughter turned into a bough of coughs. “Well… you have a… turkey on your arm. Someone el...se must have...one too.” Chandler stood, and William followed suit. He overestimated his energy, though, because he started to fall over. “Could… have been... a chicken,” the Duke choked out, holding onto his friend for dear life. 

Chandler dragged William back to the bed, forcing him to lay down. “You telling me it could be worse?” Not waiting for a reply, Chandler stood, making headway to the door. “Don’t talk so much. One, sounds painful. Two, I need you to make a full recovery, bud. I need you out there with me.”

“Do not!”

“Maybe not, but I’d like you out there. Need someone to draw the attention of the ladies away from me.”

“Oh please,” William rasped, rolling his eyes. “You’re the prize. No one will… settle for a duke like… myself. Cold, remember.”

“Only because you want them to think that,” Chandler murmured. He opened the door. “You’re soft, Will. You’ve got a good heart. You just choose to keep it to yourself.” And with those remarks, the prince was gone.

William stared at the ceiling, clasping his cold hands over his belly. Laying idle reminded him of the times his mother sent him to his room before dinner and told him to stay there. Looking at the planked ceiling for hours on end while she and his father screamed at each other in the other room. He swallowed, breathing slow in an attempt to calm his heart. 

He instead thought of when Chandler had first found him. They were only six. The royals had been passing through their part of the city. Mother and Father had just had a huge fight. She’d taken William to go see, what he considered then, “the moving carousel”. And when the king and the prince started past them, she reached out and grabbed his robe, begging them to take him away. The king almost said no, but Chandler convinced him otherwise. William owed Chandler everything. And so he’d get better. He’d get better for Chandler.

*    *    *    *    *

“On your left!” 

Chandler whacked William on the left side. William growled, throwing down his wooden sword. “Forget it. I’ll never be good at this!”

“Now, now, Will. Not with an attitude like that,” King Archer chuckled, picking up the sword William had abandoned. He patted him on the head before ruffling his dark hair. “Chandler, I think your mother was asking for you.”

“But-” Chandler looked ready to argue, but he sighed, fisting his tiny hands and running back towards the palace to his mother. 

“You’ve got to protect both sides of your body, kiddo. You can’t favor one over the other,” King Archer informed William.

“I’m trying!” William glared up at the king. From a child, it couldn’t have been very menacing.

“Here.” King Archer handed him the sword, picking up the small one that his son had left behind. “Attack me.”

William went to swing at the king, aiming for his right side, but King Archer tapped William’s left rib cage with the wooden sword he held. He crouched low, pushing the tip of the duke’s fake blade into the dirt. “Let’s work on your form.”

So they did. They spent hours on end, training, and hours the next. Gradually, William got better. Slowly, the king left William to himself. Soon enough, he was winning every match against Chandler. So he did his best to teach Chandler what King Archer had taught him. 

But then they got older. Chandler was expecting to do more princely things, and soon enough, teenage William found himself sparring with the air. It wasn’t until a year later, at age sixteen, when the Guard finally noticed him and invited him to join them. The mornings were grueling. Dragging himself through five miles of frozen mud just to get back to the palace and sword-play with soldiers better than himself. He got knocked down so many times. 

It took a while, but soon enough he outpaced all of the men in the King’ Guard. Chandler would come and join them every now and then, but his lack of training was evident. So the current commander assigned William to train the prince. It was strange being the teacher rather than the student, but slowly, Chandler started to progress.

And then things changed.

On a cold winter’s night, the commander mysteriously passed away. No one knew why. He’d seemed fine hours before his death. It was so sudden, and he hadn’t named an heir to the position. It left the Guard in chaos. Without a leader, everyone tried to take charge. In the end, everyone looked to the king. King Archer almost immediately appointed William to take the new position. There was retaliation at first. Some soldiers reared their head, not willing to let a mere nineteen-year old take charge. William vowed to earn his honor, and the trust of his soldiers. He would aim to be the best commander in history.

*    *    *    *    *

William blinked hard, wiping the cascading tears he was unaware of. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d cried. He looked at his fingers which were glossed with his emotions, and quickly wiped them on his pants. “It’s not worth tears,” he thought, sitting up. The room wasn’t deathly silent as it should have been, though. There wasn’t even the sound of a ticking clock in his room, but there was a small sound from the far corner of his room. The Duke’s head snapped up, looking at the cloaked figure standing close to the door. He couldn’t tell if it was one of the members of the Blessed council, or if it was a stranger, or if it was even someone he knew. Before he could say anything, the shadowed figure slipped out of the door which he hadn’t even noticed was opened. 

Very few people could come to his room, but almost none entered anyway. So that led to the one obvious question.

In Collaboration with Busssy.Beee, we bring to you, As Fate Would Have Us.

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