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Once there was...(read footnotes pretty please)

December 3, 2020


Once there was a six year old girl who loved to write stories. She discovered the practice while imagining a hairy green monster and a cat army taking over the sewer realm. She had no idea that she would end up the way she did. She also loved to read and was, unfortunately, teased for it constantly. 

Once there was a seven year old girl. She was in a new school, a new life, new people. She was afraid of being teased and clutched her notebook to her chest like it was her life. On that day, though, she met two people just like her and they became the best of friends.

Once there was an eight year old girl who knew she loved to write. She writing a novel about a fairy and a flower that she was quite proud of. The sad thing was that no one shared her love of the written word. She also found she loved to cook, act, and dance as well.

Once there was a nine year old girl. She loved to write and was learning from a teacher at her school, but her parents didn't understand. Her dad was constantly disappointed that she wanted to write instead of play basketball and her mom agreed with her dad.

Once there was a ten year old girl. She was finished with a novel, but she was too frightened to try and publish it. She was too frightened even though they said it was amazing.

Once there was an eleven year old girl. She was shy and introverted. The only three things that kept her from breaking down were her faith, her friends, and her writing. That year she finally convinced her mom to let her go to writing camp where she met people that changed her life.

Once there was a twelve year old girl. Writing was her life and she wrote many things. She found out that her friend loved to write and they did a collaboration together with her other friend as the editor. Near the end of the year, the covid pandemic struck and she couldn't go to writing camp. Online learning was hard on her and she started slipping.

Once there was a thirteen year old girl. Writing was her life, but no one understood. Her parents didn't think of it as a worthy pursuit and her friends weren't as passionate. She slipped slowly into depression. Then she signed up for a site full of writers just like her. She was too overjoyed to anything except that she felt misplace, but happy and that's how her first piece was born. This site helped her out of her depressions and held her up when she felt small. She got to read amazing stories, poems, plays. They were funny, tragic, and happy. She could say things she could only ever think in the presence of anyone else and she finally felt at home.
For you it may not seem as big, but for me WtW was a life changing experience. I was actually going to give up on writing before this. Now, I'm thinking about it and crying because I would've been depressed for the longest time if not for you guys and I can't thank you enough. If no one reads this, and they probably won't, I'll keep editing and publishing until everyone knows how thankful I am to them even you, adult reading this.


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  • SunV

    Re: Actually, I just had Biriyani for dinner and it was so spicy. I am not a spice lover, so my lips are now burning and there is (figurative) smoke coming out of my ears XD

    8 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!! This is so incredibly sweet and beautiful! I am so happy that you stuck with it. You are very talented. Never forget you have friends here! I’m always here for you! :)

    8 months ago
  • SunV

    Awww! No! Don't give up on writing! Your writing is amazing and deserves to be recognised.

    8 months ago