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Russian Twist

December 3, 2020

“Don’t play dumb with me, Igrushka” I hiss, slamming my hands down on the polished oak table. “Just tell me where it is and nothing... tragic... will happen to your little friend.” Furious as I am, my heart an elephant in full stampeding glory, I take the time to breathe, to drawl out every brooding syllable; only this way will the dread truly seep into her mind. Her mouth is stitched into silence. It would take several interrogation experts to see through her facade of fake innocence. It must be her unlucky day - she has me. She watches the words drip and fall from my mouth like a spider from a web.  

Buzz buzz while you can, puny fly.  

No reply comes from the other end of the table. 

Slow and grating, a clock nearby drags out the seconds. I narrow my eyes at the peeling paint on the wall behind her, the greying sky, the ever-so-dubious stain on the floor. Outside, a creature moans and howls, all churning claws and gusty fangs as it scratches at the window. My fingers itch to drum out a pulsing march of betrayal, but I do not stand for treachery, no matter how fierce the urge. I stay as cool, as motionless as the ice layering outside.

Still she says nothing.  

She is good: a prisoner with honour. But two can play at control and I’m not through with her yet. I scoop up and twirl the blades deftly in my hands, smirking as she tracks the movement out of the corner of her eye.  

“Well then, I see you have made your choice, Igrushka.” Every time I say it, the name oozes venom in my mouth. I will strike. 

“I think your friend Ukho here would look rather handsome without an ear, don’t you?” Was that a flinch? The tiniest of twitches? I am close. I keep my stare fixed on her, away from Ukho, as I slice my way through. Mutilation can be too barbaric sometimes.  

“And you are going to tell me where it is now, I assume?” She has to. I’ve lost my leverage, unless I go for a hand. But she’s not even crying, the pathetic creature. Like a thing of concrete in the face of my fire.  

I wait for just five seconds before reaching for his hand. She’ll spill. Any moment - 

“Sweetie! What on Earth are you doing with those?” I slump back in the chair as she rushes over and picks up Ukho. She strikes me with a glare that could shadow a mountain and have room left over for a small house on top. With that kind of look, anyone would break. Where was she when I was interrogating Igrushka? 

“Are those-? Did you just cut off his ear?” I sigh at her horrified expression. Perhaps she wouldn’t have made such a good partner, after all.  

“Livvy, you know Grandma got you those crochet dolls to play with, not to destroy!” Its moments like these when I can’t possibly understand her disappointment. 

“We were playing nicely, until someone decided to steal my muffin.” I glower with all my might at Igrushka, the thieving, lying, stone-faced little - 

“And you certainly should not be waving those scissors around the place. Just you wait ‘til your father gets home!” She whisks the two perpetrators away, alone with my interro-blades. I can only fold myself deeper into the chair as they sneer at me over her shoulder, heads overflowing with smugness. I mutter a vow to avenge my muffin. It was blueberry.

Tomorrow, my friends. Tomorrow. 
Welllllllll... It is what it is, I guess

Ok so I tried to be all clever and searched up that in Russian:
Ukho = ear
Igrushka = plaything/toy

Yes definitely please tell me if the internet has failed me... DX


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  • anemoia (#words)

    This is awesome! Correct me if I’m wrong: she actually was cutting off her dolls ear?
    That was brilliant. The suspense!
    And that’s my prompt! Idk what I was thinking. Just wanted it to be random and weird.
    Also, I really like your username! I created the challenge so I’m keeping track so I can do a little shoutout.

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    re: haha thanks :) your support means a lot to me! <333

    5 months ago
  • Nikki

    OH MY GOD!!! This is downright genius! When i started reading it, my heart stopped cuz i thought it was a murder setting. But, this is just so good! Love the little translation you added. :)

    5 months ago