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Magnum Chp. 4

March 27, 2021


    I hop off the bus as I see Nicole and Maya come out of theirs.
    "Heyyyyyy, Ella! Wassup?" Maya asks. Nicole and I glance at each other.
    "What happened?" Maya asks. Nicole and I burst out laughing.
    "Omg, we were gonna do a ignoring you prank, but we just can't!" Nicole laughs. Maya straddles us both, but also kind of hugs us if that's even possible. We walk to school together and hear this one word in every hallway we go.
    I am honestly surprised people care about the asteroids when they aren't even gonna hit near us.
    "Did you guys hear about the asteroids? Its going to be so exciting to watch them hit Earth! Its so sad that they will hit while we are in school," Nicole says. Yeah, that is going to be very sad, but we can always watch re-runs. "Yeah, we heard about them last night. They aren't gonna hit near us though, so why all the rumpus?" I ask.
    "People are saying India is gonna get wiped out with Australia, duh" Maya says. I do a huge eye roll, as I check my nails.
    "Don't say that!" Nicole says with a extremely over the top worried face. "My mom and dad are going to be in India for a business trip that day," Nicole mumbles. I remember her saying something about that in the call. Her parents just started a Indian restaurant and they needed to get furniture and ideas from there. 
    "I'm so sorry Nicole. I didn't mean that. Can't they cancel that trip though?"
    "They say it's really important and they already planned everything out and called the people," Nicole says while biting her lip.
    "Anyway, I forget when I heard that. It probably isn't true, so don't worry!" Maya tries to cheer us up.
    "Where did you get from, Billy?" I ask Nicole and we all laugh. Billy is Nicole's older brother and as dumb as a rock. The bell rings, and we rush to our homerooms.

    "Hello class! How are you? You must have heard of Magnum in the news or school. We are going to make a list of facts about it, so everyone can be a bit more informed about this, Ms. Hubusa, the social studies teacher says, ok now, call out some facts kids!"
    "When it hits, the world will end!" says the Parro class clown. Some people snicker and some shoot him nasty looks.
    "Appropriate and accurate facts students," Ms. Hubusa tells us with an eye roll. 
    "In California, we might get category 4 earthquakes," Mollie almost whispers. She is the quiet one, but very smart. Ms. Hubusa writes it on the screen.
    "They will hit us in a week!" Simrin calls out. Ms. Hubusa writes that on the screen too.
    After a long list of words and callouts, Ms. Hubusa takes us outside in the big field. Her long skirt is flying in the wind like her hair. Once everyone is outside, she begins.
    "Ok, do you guys see those small lights?" Ms. Hubusa asks, pointing at 2, small, bright lights in the sky. I raise my head  and poot a hand above my eyes. The class nods simultaneously. The lights look fairly similar to the ones I saw the other day. 
    "Class, now THAT is Magnum"


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  • Writing4Life

    HOORAY! Thank you for sharing; this is great! (but oh nu I live in Australia.....)

    3 months ago