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ahaha President Biden won.

I haven’t read a fantasy book in a hot minute (drop some recs?)

My WTW twin is sci-Fi! Go check her out!

WTW daughter of Paisley Blue and WTW little sister of beth r.

If you want to talk about some fandom stuff I like pjo, Hamilton, CARTOONS, anime, kpop, oh yeah and shadowhunters


Put respect on Jack Skellington’s name

Do I have any book crushes? No… it’s quite strange. I’ll settle for Leo Valdez tho

Bill Cipher is my spirit animal

We stan CN in this household

Among us anyone???

I’m not marrying Jung Hoseok ;-;

the last text i sent in poem form

December 1, 2020


it’s almost humorous how you can
pull at my heart strings with
six words:
have any of your poems consisted of these words?
is it a never ending saga? 

i would cry. 
i would weep at the same six words when they’re tampered with 
that doesn’t mean i’ll understand 
why you use 
the same six words. 

although i enjoy grey 
although i have memorized blood 
although i can break the glass 
i still won’t understand 
how you can use 
the same six words.
1. this is inspired by beth.r’s prompt: turn the last text you wrote into a story/poem. so basically, i was asking sci-Fi why every emotional poem consists of one or more of those six words and turned it into this. whatever “this” is. 
2. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SWEET WORDS ON MY OTHER POST. sorry i never replied i’m kinda socially awkward. i really didn’t want you to think i was just ignoring you. i really appreciate them they made me smile!!! :D


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  • anemoia (#words)

    This is so true. Repetitive but for a reason, I think. Because some stuff is classic and beautiful forever.

    5 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    also leo valdez is a great choice...haha

    5 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    oooh this poem is so cool. i am confused but understand it at the same time,if that makes sense haha

    5 months ago