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The Job I wish I never had

December 30, 2020

    As a poor immigrant, any job that came to me I would do. Trust me, I have done it all. From cleaning windows 30 stories up to fixing a leak in the sewer. But I had this one job, just this one, that I wish I never had. And boy, would you be surprised since I earned the highest on this job.
    It was a regular sunny day with bustling cars and tall skyscrapers. I was going to Sumitomo Mitsui, the restaurant I was currently working in as a waiter. I went inside, grabbed my apron and started working. As I was moving this big bag of rice, a customer who was in this fancy suit asked me to come outside. I was in a hurry, but I didn't want to upset the customer, so I went outside. And he told me this.
    "I saw you carrying the bag of rice in one hand like it was paper and I thought you were very strong. I know that this restaurant probably doesn't pay you more than $50 a day, so I have an offer. You can be the head of my transportation in a business I have. I'll pay you more than $100 a day, more than you need. Are you ready to do it?"
    My ears were absolutely delighted and there were fireworks shooting across my body. I was struggling right now to pay the rent of an apartment I have and with all that money I can earn, it would be like heaven for me. I was so blinded by the offer, I didn't ask any questions and said "Yes!"
    The next day I went to the place he emailed me and was wearing the finest shirt I had. Lizer. I felt like I had heard the business before, but I was not sure exactly where. It must be a big company, I think. That thought quickly got depleted as I saw the building. It was a coffee colored building, 3 or 4 stories high, and it clearly looked old with the dirty windows and peeling paint on the door. Upon touching the knob of the door, I felt very germaphobic.
    "Ah, there you are! Now, as I said in the email, you just need to move these big bags around and that's it. Pretty easy, huh?" my boss says. He was wearing a shirt and some shorts, the same guy who wore a fancy suit earlier. Right then and there, I felt some weird feeling. For the first time, I started questioning the job. Who pays so much money to move bags around? I cleared the thoughts as a lady approaches me with a big trolley in her hands. On top of it is a big, white package in the shape of a cube with black straps it. The lady had tattoos cover her arms and pink hair.
    "Come on! Start rolling!"
    I did this job for 5 years. I became close friends with my co-workers, but still doubted the job. I knew it was fishy, but they always reassured me that we were just moving the money around for the company. Talking about money, I earned lots of it in the job. I bought a big house in the suburbs of New York for me and my parents to live in. I only stopped the job when one day this happened.
    I was coming to the job all excited because it was payday when I heard police sirens. I started jogging and then saw the police was right there near the old building. My boss and co-workers were being handcuffed and led to the police cars. I asked the police what happened and what I heard absolutely blew my mind.
    "These people you see here? They have been supplying drugs like marijuana and cocaine for more than a decade. We found them just because a guy who had been offered a job here reported to us. We have been trying to find the company for years, but couldn't find the base. Finally, we found it." I didn't believe my ears. All this time I had been  getting a weird feeling while working and this came to it. A image quickly flashed in my head and I see a old newspaper with the headings Lizer once again escapes the police. Thank god the police didn't catch me or I was dead meat.
this used to be an ugly piece of writing but not its ok


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  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow! great plot twist!!

    6 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I think it is a really cool twist! i like how you've created the unsettled feeling. I think that it flowed quite nicely and was interesting. Awesome writing!!!

    6 months ago