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An Unexpected Curse

December 7, 2020

As the new year rolled around I was sure 2020 was going to be another long uneventful year, and boy was I wrong! I knew of COVID-19 but not of how serious it was. I remember sitting with my group of friends when coronavirus worked it's way into our conversation. Before this I hated watching the news. There's so much violence. I didn't feel like I needed to add the worlds problems to my own. In the months prior to last march I had lost so much. I had lost a horse who she broke her leg, a sick dog , a cat that was killed, my other cat disappeared, and my grandpa was dying. By March I was so numb from everything I had been through, that I had no more tears to cry. When we got another week added to our spring break I was excited, not knowing what that extra week was leading into, because it was another week to sleep in, sit around on my butt and do nothing. Then school was cancelled until April. I thought it was the end of the world. We had to do virtual school for the rest of the year. I was so angry. I hated online school. During summer I usually don't do much, but that changed this year. In May I went to stay with my Nana in New Mexico. My cousin who is 2 years older than me came too. My Nana lives in a camper with another camper parked next to the one she lives in. So me and my cousin got to stay ALONE in the other camper. We had so much fun staying up late, watching TV, and talking about everything possible. We stayed for a month and a half before we traveled another 3 and a half hours to my family reunion. I was so happy cus' I was gonna get to meet people. But when we got there there was only 1 other girl that was me and my cousins age. We tried to start a nice conversation but she wanted nothing to do with us. And I'm really self conscious. I'm so self conscious that we can be driving down the highway and someone looks at me and stares for more than a second I freak out. So when the girl that we tried talking to went walking with her dad and talking to him pointing at me while her dad gave me the death glare you can probably guess that I started freaking out. I mean all I did was try to talk to her and be friends. Is there something wrong with that? I tried to not over think it but it was pretty hard. So me and my cousin spent all of our time together since there was no one there that was interested in talking to us. Then we were walking to the lodge when we saw her and her dad once again talking pointing at us. Her dad was leaning at the balcony looking at ME like I killed someone and he wanted revenge. I felt a chill go down my spine as we walked into the lodge. I could feel his eyes following my every move. Then later that night, a boy who I'm guessing was her brother or cousin was trying to play pinball by himself so I went to play with him 1)because you can't play pinball by yourself and 2)so he wasn't alone, once again just trying to make friends and be a nice person, when his mom and the girl, Brooklyn, walked up and looked at me. The mom looked at me and what she said next brought tears to my eyes. She looked at me with this grossed out look on her face and said, "You left him alone with HER!?" I don't know what I did to upset them but she to absolutely hate my guts. So I ran away trying to hold back my tears. I was so relieved that we were leaving the next day. When I finally found my cousin she was sitting alone watching a bunch of drunk adults try to play volleyball. I told her everything. When we left the next morning I was so happy that I didn't have to deal with Brooklyn anymore. We spent another week with my Nana and came home. The last month of summer break felt like it only lasted a few hours. Then it was the first day of school. My sister and I ended up doing online school because my mom is pregnant, I have 2 younger brothers, and me and my dad have asthma. the first 2 weeks of school flew by, and then it was October. My best friend Shi invited me to go to the homecoming football game. We were excited because 7th grade, the grade we're in, is the first year we can go without an adult. So we went and had so much fun. We shared some nachos, talked about stuff (mostly boys) and just enjoyed ourselves. I didn't think anything could ruin our fun, and it didn't. Not until 3 days later when we where walking through the walmart parking lot, she called and told us that she tested positive for COVID-19. I was terrified that I was going to lose my best friend. When Shi got better I was so happy. The Sunday after Thanksgiving was my 13th birthday so me and my Nana went shopping and I got some peace and quite, and with 3 younger siblings and one on the way there is no such thing as peace and quite. And here we are now, in December, almost a year into this pandemic. I'm so hopeful that all the roits and sickness will end soon, but with the COVID wave sweeping over the United States I don't feel like it will be ending anytime soon. 
To anyone that reads this and has been personally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope you can stay strong and fight through it. It may take 1 month, or 1 year or more but eventually our lives will go back to normal, and we won't have to deal with the masks, and virtual school, work, and anything else you have to do over the computer.

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    RE: hi, the letter prompt isn't actually mine. it's in_love_with_writing's prompt.

    8 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    re: Thank you!

    8 months ago
  • Nirali

    Great work! I can definitely relate to your emotions as I too have lost a lot during this year.

    8 months ago
  • Mpm#1

    Re: Thank you!

    8 months ago
  • Sunflower~

    You have been through so much! Wow! I love this piece, it is so honest and reflective of everything people are going through this year! You stay strong too! ;)

    8 months ago