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Diary of Gold Rush - 12

May 12, 2015




Wednesday April 25, 1849

That night went well. I told Dad about Ananya. He thought about it for a while, and finally said, “ Well, it would be nice to have someone along on the journey.” I stared at him. In my head I was thinking, Is he thinking what I’m thinking? I finally said, “ What?! She can’t come!” “why not? “ I couldn’t come up with and answer. Why couldn’t she come? Dad continued, “ Think about it. If you want her to come, you can ask her tomorrow.” And with that, he walked out of the wagon. I wanted to say, “What! No way! But why? Why? Why couldn’t she come?” that was the question I asked myself that night, while the triplets chatted. Why?.


That night I made up my mind. I was going to ask her. That morning I walked around the wagon while the dim yellow sun slowly started to rise. I kicked a rock with my toe. Suddenly I noticed something on the ground, unmistakably tucked underneath the rock. I picked it up and examined it closely. It was a large woodchip with words on it. Indian words. As I was about to throw the chip back on the ground, I noticed a few words I could read. … From…. Ananya…. I almost dropped the woodchip in surprise! Just then I heard Dad’s voice. “what you got there Katrina?” I turned and slowly walked back to our wagon. I told Dad all about the chip, and to my surprise he began to read it! He slowly pronounced the words slowly and clearly as if he had just began to learn to read! This is what he said, “ Dear Friend. I hope you find this message. Will you meet me by the bushes when the sun goes down? Good wishes, Ananya.” Dad laughed when he saw my dumbfounded face. “I always knew how to speak Indian.” he explained, “I just never told you!” I nodded still speechless. I ate my breakfast slowly and rushed outside when I was done.

The sun was still just beginning to rise so I sat on a large lump of sand for a while watching a lizard, and waiting for Ananya. Dad come out of the wagon holding Kadyn’s hand. He said that Kadyn knew how to speak indian too. In fact he knew how to speak it better than him! I was confused. If so many of my family members could speak indian, why didn’t they tell me? But the questions could be answered later. When dad left, kadyn sat next to me on the lump of sand. We sort of had a conversation but it was considered as an argument to me. It’s not that long so here’s a shorter version…


Kadyn- So you got an indian friend?

Me- yeah so what?

Kadyn- oh nothing. Just that dad told me to translate for you and your Indian friend.

Me- Her name is Ananya!

Kadyn- Yeah, how do you know her name? You’re the only person in the family that doesn’t know how to speak Indian!

Me- No i’m not! Kaylee can’t!

Kadyn- Oh of course! She a baby! Oh i guess that means you are one too…

Me- (jumped up) You are the absolute WORST brother I’ve EVER had!!!

Kadyn- and you are the worst baby sister!

Me- OK THAT’S IT! I’m telling!

Kadyn- telling who? babies can’t talk!

I stormed back into the wagon and slammed the door.



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