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Writing Quirks(footnotes)

November 30, 2020


    We're all different in our own ways. Even within communities of people who do the same things we do, we're all different. Actors act differently. Artists paint differently. Writers write differently. I for one, usually plan out my characters in extensive detail, but have almost no specific planning for the plot. Others might write without any planning at all. Still, others might write an outline for each chapter. Some things work well for some people, for others, that might not work at all. But we all have quirks in the way we write. Funny little subconscious things we don't even realize we're doing.

    For me, my quirk is acting out my words. When I'm writing, especially for dialogue, I'll often play the scene in my head multiple times trying to find the right words. I'll often I end up muttering words without even realizing it, acting out the dialogue. Dialogue has always been one of my favorite things to write. It's much easier for me to write a witty line of dialogue than it is for me to write a stunning line of imagery. I think this goes hand in hand with me being an actor. Dialogue is really what carries a show, and when you don't have an omniscient narrator describing the events to you, you need to allow the dialogue to do that by itself. Writing dialogue that feels natural is tricky, but I think it's really important to the story. When lines of dialogue feel to forced, it completely removes me from the story, which is no fun.

    So I try really hard to make my dialogue feel natural, and make it fit the voice of my character. This often leads to me acting out scenes, in my head, and out loud. My fingers will be flying across the keyboard, but I'll come to a spot where i'm at a loss for words. And I'll pause. And I'll read the scene out loud, giving my own voices to the characters. Then I'll continue talking from where I've stopped, trying to find the line of dialogue that fits best. I won't just do this for dialogue though. I'll act out the motions my characters do trying to figure out how to describe them, or I'll mutter lines of description, looking for the right word.

Her hair was long and-
Her hair was lengthy and stunning
Her hair was long and brown
Her auburn hair was long, and flowed down her shoulders

    I try out different words and sentences to see which one fits better, Because changing a few words can change the tone of a whole scene. And I find it easier to recognize that change when I'm saying it out loud. So I'll mutter the words under my breath, and even if I don't mean to, I start really acting it out. Really imagining that I'm there, and putting passion into my words. It's kinda weird, and it's kinda quirky, but it does help me write better. I think scenes where I've acted out the dialogue feel much smoother than scenes where I haven't.

    Our quirks are what make us us. It gives our writing a unique sense of style, or a different kind of voice, or a quirky tone. We all write differently, because our minds all work differently. But we all manage to create something beautiful.
This was really fun to write. Does anyone else do this? Is this a weird theater kid thing or maybe a writer thing? I don't know. But it was so cool to think about my own quirks, and the funny subconcious things I do while writing. I encourage you guys to think about this too, and maybe write your own piece about it. If you do, let me know, because I'd love to read it!


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  • anemoia (#words)

    wow, i love this. it's cool to explore your own writing process. i should think about that more.
    re: thanks! ooh, i do wanna try savory scones also.
    and yes, i'm a little crazy and talkative. mostly insane, really. glad you liked it!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Yw! It'll still take me a few days tho :) That's fine :P Not any professional ones, but I've been a part of a drama group for about 4 years. I've been able to do some shows, and I was gonna do a more professional play this year but it got cancelled :(

    5 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    Re: I couldn't find the one where I mentioned what I was thinking about (that I play my stories as movies in my head), but the piece I was referring to is called "My Wacky Writing Process"

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: YEAH!!! Riordan announced D+ is going to adapt it to a series. and he is going to play a part in the production (so that they stick to the books) I AM SO HYPED!! i think the pilot episode script has just been submitted so it's gonna be awhile but i've waited this long so what's another few years XD

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I think this was as fun to read as it was for you to write! I enjoyed learning about your writing methods, and I'm glad that you mentioned that there are many different processes that work for different people. It always drove me crazy whenever we had to write narratives in English class, because I actually like writing, but they'd always force me to use the same process every time. I don't outline! And my first draft is often very similar to my final, because I edit along the way. Oh, and I'm a theatre kid, but I don't write prose often, and I'm not an aural learner at all, so I don't usually read my writing aloud.

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    ooh also your reading/waiting to read HoO!!??!! I wish i knew u irl cause i could lend you the books. the thied one (mark of athena) is my ultimate fav in that series. oof now im ranting---are you excited for the disney+ show that is (hopefully) coming in the (far-off) future??

    5 months ago
  • SunV

    I do this all the time! And I don't think it's a theater kid thing, because no matter how much I wanna, the closest I've come to theatre is watching high school musical and HSMTMTS.... Can I do a piece of my own with another quirk?

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    YES! I do this ALL. THE. TIME. I am so glad i am no the only one XD
    i love (off ima sound insane) acting out death scenes..that last look, the last bit of dialogue that is barely heard. finding natural dialogue is so satisfying too! i relate to this so so much and the meaning behind it is really beautiful <3

    5 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    I do that all the time! Part of me says that I published something a couple months ago that explained some of my writing style and I mentioned that

    5 months ago