souled out


❝your laugh is
heaven to me.❞


i'm souled out.

Message to Readers

haha, fun story: someone turned on voice over on our switch (which i was unaware of) and so i thought it'd be fine to turn on the audio on minecraft. cue the freaking creepiest, most demented voice over you've ever heard. i genuinely thought it was saying "and you're mine" before i realized that it was telling me how to mine.

i haven't figured out how to turn it off.

it's following me

November 29, 2020


everywhere i go
you're behind me.
a whisper in my ear
an inhale by my skin
sharp edges and jagged sides.

i'm screaming,
tripping over myself,
but whispers whispers whispers -
they follow me.
there's nowhere
nowhere to hide and

i fall down
with you stalking over.
you are shadows
darkness and bitter
words with crooked sounds
like glass breaking and
creaking floorboards.
a shadow not cast by me
nor by anyone else.


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  • AJ - Izzy

    lowkey felt this... amazing writing <3

    5 months ago