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Hello Lovelies! Thank you so much for 225+ followers! It's insane how many of you I've had the chance to get to know. I LOVE YOU! I can't believe it has only been a year!

Well, I have exciting news! Busssy.Beee and I are doing a collaboration! We're so excited to share "As Fate Would Have Us" with you, and we hope that everyone is excited too! Let me or Yannie know if you'd like to be added/removed from the notif list.

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I'm slipping, into the deep end
I'm in over my head, can't catch my breath
"Deep End" - Ruelle

As Fate Would Have Us | Chapter Three

November 30, 2020


Looking for other chapters? Check the Footnotes for the previous chapters so you don't miss out.

William hurried down the hall, his shoes making short clicks on the tiled floor. The meeting had been postponed since the royals of Kariliea had arrived later than expected. So, the families decided to indulge in simple pleasantries such as dancing, eating, and whatever else one could think of. Chandler and Akemia had spent the whole afternoon together, as far as the duke was aware. It bugged him, slightly, but he wouldn’t intervene in the prince’s affairs. Speaking of Akemia…

He stopped outside her door, listening to the quiet chattering of the ladies in the room. He knocked once and took a step back, waiting for someone to open the door. The royal steward, Yeva, answered. “Oh, Duke Blackwell. To what do we owe the pleasure?”

“I assume you’ve informed Madame Akemia of the sudden arrival of the Blessed?” he asked crisply, peering into the room. Akemia was adjusting her billowing blue gown before the mirror, her gloved hands tugging at certain folds so it was just where she wanted it to be.

“Yes, Duke Blackwell. She’s been informed. I was just about to take her there, in fact-”

“No need. I can escort her there myself. We can’t have you two parading around these hallways alone.” William glanced at his watch. The guards would be rotating shifts by now, but he’d sent them to the heart of the palace anyway, protecting the Blessed at all costs. “Until you’ve been combat trained, I will not risk the safety of a vital life in the hands of a steward, even if I do trust you to not harm her.”

“Lighten up, Duke Blackwell,” Yeva said, smiling softly up at him. She reached up and smoothed the frustrated lines on his forehead in a motherly way. “You’ll become grey at such a young age at the rate you’re going.”

“Rather go grey than be sentenced to life in prison for becoming slack on the job,” he hummed, leaning into her warm touch. He’d always looked up to her as a parental figure, since his own couldn’t be there with him. Didn’t want to be there with him. She always seemed to be there when he was in need of guidance or just a simple hug. She was probably one of the only people who saw the other side of his heart. “Madame Akemia, are you ready to go?” he asked, glancing up. She was looking between him and Yeva contemplatively. After a moment, she silently nodded, padding out of the room. 

“Oh, Duke Blackwell,” Yeva called after them, poking her head out of the guest room Akemia was staying in. William continued walking, but looked over his shoulder questioningly. “Be very, very careful with her.”

*    *    *    *    *

Striding inside the crowded room, William shut the heavy marble door behind him. Queen Hazel, King Archer, and Prince Chandler were standing at the head of the large glass table, talking quietly with one another and casting worried glances at the Blessed. Akemia took her place beside Queen Tilly and King Benedict, peeking over at Chandler and flushing slightly. William rolled his eyes. Had he missed something last night? Either way, stupid romance. Was not for him. Especially when it came to royal courting. Most of the focus was on the royal family, of course, but as the first duke of Arymea, he was a public figure. If he wanted to get all sappy, he’d do it on his own time and keep it private. 

He approached his sovereign, clasping his hands behind his back. “Queen Hazel, King Archer,” he addressed, bowing deep. He gave Chandler a slow nod before standing ram-rod straight. He fiddled with his marking: the outline of a black panther, under his sleeve. 

“William, nice of you to join us,” the king of Arymea said. His tone wasn’t unwelcoming, but still very diplomatic. As it should be. “I hope everything is running smoothly.”

“As well as it can, your highness. I had to make last-minute changes because of the Blessed’s sudden arrival.”

“Yes, well. It may not be so sudden.”

“How do you mean?” Chandler asked, frowning.

“We saw how well Chandler, and Akemia got along last night, and we both agreed that, to make peace, we would have you two get married,” the queen explained, peering over at the Blessed. “Of course, they don’t agree with our choice.”

Something inside William squirmed. Chandler and Akemia married? It just didn’t sit right with him. Something about it made him queasy. “It’s because it’s not right to force a marriage against the marks,” William thought, looking pointedly at Chandler’s wrist. “Or is it because you want someone else? For yourself?”

The question looming in the back of his mind startled him. Why would he want something like that? Love ruined hearts, and his parents were the perfect example of that. If they were so perfect; marked the exact same, then why did their hearts break? Why did it all fall apart?

“Let’s get on with it, then,” the king of Kariliea called, his arm wrapped around his wife’s waist. 

The Blessed and her committee stood, their red hoods covering their weathered faces and peppered hair. The head of the committee placed her fingertips on the glass table and began to speak. “We have heard of your dilemma. The markings exist for a reason, engraved into the skin at such a young age. Now, we would have given you a pass, but it seems like dear Akemia has already met her match.”

There were quiet gasps around the room, and the royal families looked at each other with wide eyes. “Is it possible that Madame Akemia and Prince Chandler have the same mark?” Queen Tilly inquired quietly. “They seemed very close last night, as many of the marked are.”

Chandler and Akemia shared a knowing smile. “Maybe a little too close,” William thought, coughing in his throat aloud. Yeah. He wasn’t going there. Nope. No thank you. Chandler peeked over at him and gave his friend a funny look. The duke shook his head slowly and folded his arms tightly across his chest. 

“Blessed, ma'am. Does Madame Akemia’s fated companion already know of their destiny?”

“It’s possible, but we can’t be sure.”

William peered at the royals of Kariliea, calculating. “What if we gave it a week. If Madame Akemia and someone else besides Prince Chandler end up being fated, then call off the arranged marriage. If no one steps forward within the week, we’ll move forward with the mutual agreement, and hope to have your support.”

The head of the committee stared at William from under her hood for a solid minute. “I suppose that will work. One week, Duke William Blaine Blackwell of Arymea. We’ll speak again in one week.”
In Collaboration with Busssy.Beee, we bring to you, As Fate Would Have Us.

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