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May 2, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


When he walked  he swaggered. His sloping shoulders swaying with each gallant step,  his duck-footed stride lending him a carefree air.

When he swaggered he grinned. His teeth were white and crooked like he'd never bothered to get braces so just whitened his teeth instead.

When he grinned he always stopped to talk. His voice was low and his tone cheerful like it was just the two of you discussing things that no one else would understand.

When he stopped to talk he would tell stupid jokes. His favorite kind of stupid joke were made with the format of a knock-knock joke and the punchline always a pun.

When he made stupid jokes he laughed. Even though his stupid jokes were stupid he would always laugh a bright bark of a laugh that he tried to stifle but couldn't.

When he laughed you smiled. You smiled because he was so confident and proud and bright...and yet when he swaggered it was in your direction and when he grinned it was directed at you. When he stopped to talk it was you who he stopped in front of and when he told the stupid jokes he wanted you to laugh. An yet when he laughed it was always nervous. Not at all like his swagger. 



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