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Magnum Chp. 2

February 4, 2021


    In the evening, I go out for a long bike ride in my neighborhood. I wonder if I will see Nicole since she lives close by us. I hear kids voices and look back. A woman, probably their mom is playing with two identical twins. Mom. My parents were divorced in Minnesota seven years ago when I was only six and Mia eight. We moved to California where dad met our current mom, Melissa and had Tom after one year. Mia and I don't exactly know why mom and dad got divorced, but we think it was something related to drugs because she remembers hearing drugs in conversations with dad and our birth mom. I don't remember much about our birth mom, but I know she was very beautiful. Unlike most children whose parents got divorced, we never saw mom in the weekends or ever. Dad always tried to make us feel better about it, but we could see he was pretty depressed too. Before he met Melissa obviously. Dad didn't even need to tell us to call Melissa mom, not step-mom, we just understood. I love mom and all, but sometimes I wonder how our birth mom is doing. Mia and I don't even remember her real name.
    After an hour or two when I am heading back home, I see small stars in the sky even though it is only evening. I slow down and look at them. After staring at them for a long time, I decide they are moving. Ugh, it must be another migraine. I quickly, but carefully bike down the road to my house. I run upstairs to my room and see my pill container is missing. I go to my pantry and there are no pills over there too! "Mom! Where are the Advil migraine pills?!" I yell.
    "Honey, I am in the next room. You don't need to yell. Daddy has went outside to get them. Do you have a severe one?" mom asks.
    "No. I just saw some stars moving, so I think I have a migraine," I say cooly. I hear mom sigh.
    "I don't think you do Elle. Now go to your room and finish the homework you have for tomorrow. Also, Mia went to the library to get the books and she called since there are a lot of books this week, so she might not be able to-"
    "Elle, let's play hide and seek now! Elle! Pretty please? With a cherry on top?!" Tom interrupts my mom.
    "Tom! Don't you see I am talking with Elle right now. And no, she can't play hide and seek with you because she is going to the library to help Mia out," mom shouts to Tom. I groan.
    "Can I come? Can I come too? Pleassseeee?!" Tom whines with a puppy face. I laugh and tousle his hair.
    "No you can't. Now, go to your room and finish all the homework you have for tomorrow or you get no dessert."
    "Please? I'll be good," Tom tries to explain mom, but fails again.
    "NOW!" mom yells. Tom quickly goes back to his room like a mouse does near a cat as I go get my bike again.


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  • | rosi willard |

    I loved the development you gave the family! Nice chapter!

    4 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Thanks for the notice! Nice chapter :D

    4 months ago
  • Karma’s_Coming

    Great chapter! I love your notifications as well, they’re so creative.

    4 months ago