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November 28, 2020



are they marked by...

the decor that arrives on shelves too early?
obnoxious and classic songs and tacky lawn ornaments?
the overwhelming mass of corporate spending that floods the minds of the next generation?
family gatherings fraught with tension?
glittering boxes and bags that scream materialism?
family feuds that won't stay buried?
worn-out adults with baggage unseen who can't bear to face another holiday season?
threadbare sweaters and icy floors without a hint of cheer?
lonely apartments with layers of dust on the table as carols ring out below?
frustration because it seems that everyone but you celebrates Christmas?

but are those the only things?

are they marked by... 

a sigh of relief for the New Year?
aromas filled with memories—cinnamon and fir, musty mothballs and vanilla, pine scotch and peppermint?
scents with no name, no definition other than warmth and coziness?
home-cooked food?
store-bought delicacies and dishes that taste as good as home-cooked when eaten with others?
laughter that never ends?
artfully arranged dining tables and holiday-themed wall decor?
messy kitchens and unkempt living rooms?
tiny hands and tiny feet thudding through the halls or driveways of gravel?
eggnog and hot cocoa and cider and coffee and tea or something stronger? 
bare trees that shine silver in the moonlight as the last leaf drifts away?
hoary frost that paints each blade of grass?
endless shoveling of snow?
salt spray and beach parties as you await midnight on December 31st?
bonfire glittering against sand crystals while "Stille Nacht" and crashing waves play in the background? 
cut-off shorts and pool parties as you sweat, waiting for Christmas Day?
tears of joy and tears of sorrow for togetherness and separation?
warmth unexplainable, contentedness undeniable, belonging unforgettable, peace unbreakable?
Hey people! It's time for a new username challenge! It's called #holidayvibes. (Thanks to Rohan's Defender for helping me decide.) It can be anything you associate with the holidays—hopefully, something good. Something that takes you back—or a tradition newly established. 
You definitely don't have to change your username; it can go in your bio or message board with a #holidayvibes. (I decided to actually format it like a regular hashtag this time, without any spaces in between like I did for #dreams of autumn. Idk why.) Tip: if you do change your real username, you might want to drop a note in your bio/message board with your old username, so people don't get confused.
I know it's not winter everywhere for writers, so I decided to go with #holidayvibes. And everyone celebrates some holiday, I'd wager—even if it's just New Year's. 
I still have to come up with mine... but I'll be changing it no later than December 1st. I don't know what I'll do after early-mid-January, because the next relevant one would be spring (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). So I might go back to my original, which very few of you probably remember.
If I see enough participation, I'll do a piece similar to this one with shoutouts and gratitude. If you'd like to participate and be mentioned, it would help to drop a comment below so I know!
(I didn't get an abundance of people for #dreams of autumn that I know of, so I didn't do any shoutouts for that one.)

"Cause we made it through, I do believe, the longest year in history." 
Ben Rector. "The Thanksgiving Song." A Ben Rector Christmas, OK KID RECORDINGS, 2020.


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  • bookmagic

    me too. I missed out on the halloween thing and dreams of autumn so I'm definitely doing this.

    6 months ago
  • wavewriter

    Definitely going to do this! :)

    6 months ago
  • rwong

    heyyy i put my name in the bio :) p.s. lovely piece, and your name is lovely!!

    6 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    Ooooo I'll try this challenge and put my name in my bio :)

    6 months ago
  • mindfruit

    What a thought-provoking piece! and that's so cool that you're setting up another username challenge, I was trying to find who realize made the #dreams of autumn one and didn't realize it was you.
    Re: YES YES the map is so cool! Kind of confusing at first because half of the houses aren't really on "land", but it was nonetheless cool to see where everyone lives. I do not have the B&N version, I actually got my book from a local bookstore that was close to going out of business due to covid. I agree, Gethen is the only theory that makes sense. I can't really think of anyone else, though the whole Kenric faked his death theory is intriguing (I don't think they ever found his body, did they?) but yeah, Sophie's father probably won't be as obvious as her mother. Cassius is funny theory, but it would make sense given his "obsession"(?) over her....and don't worry, you didn't get carried away lol

    6 months ago
  • ava09 (sorta back)

    so cute i love this idea! i'll participate if i remember XD. lovely piece as well. <3

    6 months ago