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A letter to me.

By: Alexander :)

  • You get a letter from someone who claims to be you from a different dimension. What does it say?
Dear Alexander,
Hi. I'm you. I don't have enough paper to explain everything, but essentially, I'm you.
Just, cisgender.
Because in another universe, that's who you are. You live in New York City, renting a flat in Upper Manhattan. You're 10 years older, and you've just graduated from college with a major in one of your favourite subjects. You rent a studio where you paint, write, develop photographs, sing along to Hamilton and live a happy, cisgender life. You've dyed your hair blue, you've got a nose piercing and no-one thinks anything of it because you've never been anything other than male. No one questions you, tells you it's just a phase, asks about 'the surgery'. You're just, you. You don't have to worry about anyone else's perception of you, if you're masculine enough, if you 'pass'. If someone calls you a girl, you pick them up on their sexism, not their transphobia. If someone calls you she, it's just an odd slip of the tongue- nobody thinks anything of it. When you come out as gay, nobody tells you 'to just stay a girl'. They accept it, and move on. You get a dog, and name it Barry Sondheim, for reasons even you are not entirely clear on. And everything's normal. The voices stop. You're healthy, you don't have an anxiety attack every time you go out in public. You wear pink proudly, and people praise you for breaking down gender barriers instead of raising their eyebrows and saying 'I thought you were a boy?'
And you're happy. So happy.
So stick around for it. Because while you'll never be cisgender, a lot of this, most of this, we both know you can do. 

Keep going. 


Peer Review

As someone who often writes letters to herself as a coping mechanism, this was absolutely beautiful.

The way you tied everything together in a way of giving advice to the version of yourself that is reading the letter was compelling and I really liked it.

Reviewer Comments

Really keep going and never stop writing.