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Lyndsey wish list

By: Deleted User


The Sweet wish list: 1) I whould want a purple princess cake that look like the cake has a jungle theme. 2)The second thing I would want whould be a private concert from the Newsboys and Matthew West. 3)The three thing I want to had is to have a story about my seizer and my life. 4)I want to see a miracle of someone that really need the help. 5) I want to see a person came to Christ all around the world. 6)I want to see the person that I cut off my hair for cancer for. 7)I want to know that all of my friends and not blood family in world are safe. 8)I want to live with my friend in Belize, and in a brand new house and a school. 9) I want to save a life. 10) My number ten is a big thing to me, I have miracles and I want people to listen to my miracles to believe in god

This is support to be a list about what I want to happen on the sweet sixteen.

Peer Review

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Lyndsey, this is so amazing! You took the list to another level and that's so so awesome!