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ayyyyyy macarena :)

youll never see me irl

November 27, 2020


if you see me in real life
no wait, scratch that
you'll never see me in real life

i am three different people
i am Delaney
and delaney 2.0
and delaney II

Delaney isn't really even a person
she gets good grades
she makes jokes
she draws
she plays five instruments
shes me
shes two dimensional 
she's not really
me me

delaney 2.0, on the other hand
she's all over the place
her idea of 'going out'
is going to Target or the dollar store
with her friends and buying useless junk
then stopping for slushies at seven 11
she hardly doesn't any schoolwork at all
and then pulls all-nighters
the day before a test
she binges netflix for the queer content
she doesn't really know whats going on
at all

then theres delaney II
when Delaney and delaney 2.0 
are too exhausted to be
delaney II comes out
shes quiet
hardly laughs
or smiles
she spends her days
sitting on a computer
typing away 
while delaney
and delaney 2.0
bounce around in the walls of her skull
sometimes she can't think
she can barely breathe
so she wraps herself in a blanket
and turns out the lights
turns on Cavetown or Conan Gray
and lays in a melancholy stupor
until mom calls her down for dinner
and Delaney comes out and 
become the delaney her mom knows

you will never meet me in real life
because i am delaney II
and i exsist 
when i
am alone
and too tired
to carry on
:) hope youre having a lovely day
and since thanksgiving is over 
merry christmas :)
(or whatever holiday you celebrate)


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  • beth r.

    love this and conan gray lol

    5 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    such powerful words. lovely <33

    5 months ago
  • psithurism

    <333 ilysm dudebroman
    (I like the new username)

    5 months ago
  • SunV

    This was so good! Like bookwitch, I was a bit confused, but enlightened at the same time! Amazing!

    Also, as your fiftieth follower, I feel that it is my duty to congratulate you on 50 followers. Congratulations!!! *Confetti and balloons and streamers*

    5 months ago
  • bookmagic

    Wow! I was confused and enlightened at the same time. Is that even possible? Anyway, I really loved it, great job.

    5 months ago
  • mirkat

    love this concept and the way you've described it is breathtaking and oh so relatable and i absolutely love this so much!!!

    5 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Wow. I feel like I’m seeing between the cracks of your identity

    5 months ago
  • doodleninja

    awesome piece! love how you displayed each of your "selves" and made them very distinct by listing different specific scenarios.
    (also I too just listen to Cavetown to get into the melancholic mood XD)

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Wow... <333

    5 months ago