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November 27, 2020


Why is it that when we cry, salt water drips out of our eyes?

Why is it then we think something is funny, we make weird noises to show our appreciation?

Why is it that seeing a woman in bikini is ok, but seeing one in her underwear is not?

Why is it that when we sleep, we get weird hallucinations that we believe are real?

Why is it that when we see a really good performance, we smack our hands together?

So for the last one, I'm not saying it's ok to look at a woman in her underwear. My point was that bikinis and underwear usually cover the same amount of skin, so why are we not allowed to see someone in underwear, but bikinis are totally appropriate? 


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  • November 27, 2020 - 1:53pm (Now Viewing)

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  • doodleninja

    re: it's this comic by Nathan w Pyle, starring these "alien" creatures and their everyday lives, but it's supposed to be a parody of life here on earth. And he makes up phrases to describe everyday things, like coffee is "jitter liquid", a hug is called a "mutual limb enclosure" and clapping is "smacking your hands" XD
    it's really clever and funny.
    But anyhoo. Hope you're having a good day :)

    5 months ago
  • doodleninja

    the second one made me make weird noises to show my appreciation ;)
    very interesting questions you pose here! Some of the wording here reminded me of "Strange Planet", have you heard of that comic strip?

    5 months ago
  • psithurism

    Haha yes! XD
    For the bikini one it's probably just because of context. Swimsuits are made for swimming and it's easier to swim in less fabric than more. Underwear is meant to be worn underneath clothing so people often times consider this scandalous to be seen out in the open. Plus many women consent to being seen in bikinis, but not underwear. Sorry I kinda just dropped a lot of words there...
    I hope you're having a good day! :)

    5 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    i actually wonder this too... it's context, i guess.

    5 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher


    5 months ago