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I am quite new to the atmosphere around here. I am just a 9th grader as of 2020 :) and this is my first blog. I hope to get maximum support from you guys. I am open to all sorts of critique to improvise myself!! Be my fans and I will be yours, well a bigger one :)
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The Little baby bump

December 4, 2020

My throat- etching for the taste of lukewarm water, or at least just water- drinkable, potable, any kind. My head- searching and searching through the pile of scattered files, down the memory lane, looking out for that one thought that has not been visited, that one hope of saving me from boredom- boredom of imagining the same scenario again and again and again. And my all too slender body- longing for an amiable outfit, a treat to my eyes when I look at myself in the mirror- well 'if' I ever look. And lastly, my hair- itching for that new up do, that new hairstyle saved up in my bookmarks bar, never to be viewed again. 
I finally take a look at myself in the mirror with all the bindi marks obstructing my view. I have told amma multiple times not to put her bindi on the mirror, but now even I seemed to be developing that habit. My tall self looks back at myself, with messy hair and smudged mascara. I pondered over the thought of actually dressing up and argued myself into doing it. I put on some mascara, a good shirt and a decent pant. Putting my hair into a bun, my favorite, always made me look nice and confident. 
My phone rang. Mostly those advertising people or those filmy songs blasting through the calls - I ignored them. But the caller was relentless. Not my Best Friend. Not my favorite Akka of course. She must be resting. She is expecting.
"Pavi! Come see the news!"
"Coming amma!"
I rushed down the stairs. My schools have been closed until "further notice" and I was fairly happy about it. But it really did leave me bored and listless all day round.
A LOCKDOWN has been imposed in India due to the current case of coronavirus. This will be put to immediate effect from today 10 am, the 14th of march. All places will be shut and no citizen of the country is supposed to step out until further notice. The apartments of the following places have to be sealed down- Mumbai, Bangalore-
"Oh no! That's us!"
But this didn't affect me much. I was anyways cooped up in my own room, a lockdown would not matter. Time seemed to go fast after that particular news.
Some people came and sealed our gate. We were instructed not to step out of our house. But, that too affected me the least. My phone rang yet again. This time I picked it up. A familiar sound was recieved by my ear.
"Akka !! It was you who was calling! I was too lazy to pick it up. I thought it was those bank people asking for loans." I laughed out.
"Anyways, Pavi I am in Bangalore"
"Wait what! I will text you my address right away. You have to come!"
She used to be my neighbour, back when I was in delhi. She was ten years older than me but we shared a bond of equals. I would tell her everything. But now, a little angel lay in her womb, all cooped up. 
"But just look out of your window pavi and stop ranting!"
I was so excited. I couldn't stop. I ran to the window and peeped outside. There she was! Right there in flesh and blood. 
Then it hit to me like a bullet train. I can't see her. I can't hug her. I can't talk to her. I can't feel that little baby bump. I can't feel its first kick. I can't. The Lockdown.
I went to the door and motioned to her to come near. I told her everything. The tears started dripping. My face went red.
We held our hands together, except that the glossy barrier stuck between us. We were so near yet so far away. She pressed her little baby bump to the glass and I felt it, except that the glossy barrier stuck between us. We looked at each other, eye-to-eye. Tears streaked our faces. Mascara mushed up. Our bloodshot eyes. We shot each other a watery smile. "You shouldn't cry."
Deep inside, I knew we would meet again. She was moving away. I couldn't contain myself. But I couldn't stop myself from being sad. Our hands on the barrier between, touched finger by finger. The foggy breath on it. And the little baby bump.
She leaves. Weak in the knees, overcome by sadness. I sit by the door, my back facing it. Drawing my legs together, a tear falls on the ground. Leaving a scar. A scar and the....
Little baby bump.
Bindi - The dot Indian women wear on their foreheads for decoration
Pavi- My nickname of course
Akka- Big sister. We call almost all elder girls akka.
Amma- A name we call mothers
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  • Fallen.Angel


    10 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    This is beautiful! The emotion is so raw and real. Brought tears to my eyes. And I also love how you've entwined parts of the Indian culture in you piece.

    10 months ago
  • Emi

    This is so beautiful and touching. I love how descriptive you are and the symbolism of the barrier between them.

    10 months ago
  • Estera Ulrich-Oltean

    Beautifully written

    10 months ago
  • Zirong

    Oooooh I love this!!!

    10 months ago
  • woven_moth

    This is incredible. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions at the moment, I just had to say how good this is. I sense the emotion, and it's interesting to read about a different experience with the coronavirus.

    10 months ago