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Just an 18 year old girl who still has a lot to learn. I'm a soprano, I'm a bookworm, and everything else in between. Still trying to develop my voice and make my ideas heard. It's a work in progress.


June 1, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of siblings: 2. Number of years on this planet: 18. Number of favorite books: 13. Number of concerts attended: 7. Number of driver's licenses obtained: 2. Number of times I understood what my math teacher was saying: 8. Number of choir concerts performed: 10. Number of hugs given: 13,140. Received: 13,021. Number of Harry Potter books read: 7. Number of countries visited: 2. Number of risks taken: 429. Number of risks taken that didn't pay off: 17. Number of songs learned on guitar: 11. Number of times I fell in love with the world: 31. Number of times gone skinny-dipping: 1. Number of marching band parades: 9. Number of words spelled: 3,079. Number of songs sung in the shower: 77. Number of cookies eaten: 1,211; regretted: 0. Number of unforgettable nights: 53. Number of people I trust with my life: 8. Number of road trip destinations: 11. Number of times been self-confident: 836. Number of times been self-conscious: 1,301. Number of eureka moments: 0. Number of strawberries consumed: 1,274. Number of times I almost texted someone and then didn't: 3,824. Number of miles biked: 713


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