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she/her. 17, i wrote poetry
2017-2021. thank you.

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Looks like my annual identity crisis about being Asian-American has arrived in town! Feedback is appreciated.

h as in

November 25, 2020


h as in half, 
as in digging my nail into the white rabbit milk candy
my chinese teacher gives me on new years, as in
sucking the sugar out and spitting it into the trash
like that act of sacrifice will melt the pudge off my ribs

h as in here,
what i am sure of. stay put, back pressed
against dried herb isle,
careful your knees don’t get burned from the
motorcycle exhaust pipes, black fungus
slipping down throats will make you whole again,
or gentle again,

h as in hiatus, 
the gap between continents, did you know the atlantic is
big enough to lose your tongue in 
or in the end, in my case, orange peels as some kind of offering.
i am old enough now to buy xiao long bao on my own 

h as in holy,
most days
i do not feel it, egg yolk under my eyelids,
guang gong watches on every floor.
sometimes he has red skin, or is carved from jade
my favourite is made from some sort of metal,
collects dust so thick my fingers come away grey.
h as in dragonfruit
or no- wrong language

h as in haw flake,
i have eaten one every day since i was twelve, a ritual
or a jinx. what is left is all that i know:
when it drizzles in taoyuan, the calendar resets so
i have lost protection the same way my grandparents sought it,


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