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Don't be trapped in someone else's dream
- Kim Taehyung ( V )

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If you want them to feel moved you got to move your self first
If you want to make them happy make yourself happy first
If you want them to realize you have to realize first

Young like a little kid again

November 25, 2020


Remember when we thought that 10 was the biggest number in the world. Do you think we can go back to those days? When all we worried about was the next time we had to take a nap before we could go play.  I never missed being a little kid as much as I do know, the feeling of life hangs on my shoulder driving me deep into the ground. Remember Dora or Diego would ask us to find something and we would shout the answer out loud. Can we go back to those days? I don't like how it would be dumb now to participate in telling swiper to stay away. I want to travel back in time to a place where I was safe to have my own opinion.  Where learning things was fun and exotic and mood swings didn't ruin the mood for me . Where fruit snacks were more than a treat it was a Scooby Doo orange flavored clue.  I loved how I could be friends with anybody in my class and not have a label put on me. I wish I could go back to the past and live it one more time. I wouldn't change anything because I like the present me.  I would love to bask in the mind of a little kid once more before I grow up. Do you think if I try hard enough could I learn how to love and grow and be happy like a little kid? 


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