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Katie R. Goates

United States

I'm a Christian, a musician, a singer, an INTJ, an old soul, and an imperfect human being. I love math, reading, classical music, and learning. I'm certainly not your typical teenager :)

Message to Readers

I was just doing this for fun, so sorry if there is any randomness or misspelled words. I would like real, honest feedback.


May 26, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Weeks lived: 676-728. Letters sent: 684. Letters receved: 254. Emails sent: 361. Emails receved: 700. Times I have been told I write good letters or emails: 56. Times I have been called by my mom's or my sisters' names: 2,473. Times I have been called by my own name: 2,789. Times I have been called tall, Tall: 523, Really Tall 246. Times I have been embaressed to be tall: 2. Times I have been mistaken for older than I am: 460. Times I have been mistaken for a college student: 2. Times I have been told I look like my dad: 12. Times I've been told I look like my mom: 4. Times my last name has been pronounced wrong: 1,523. Books read: 7,298. Books written: 0.5. Apples eaten: 768. Trees climbed: 14. Celebrities met: 3. Pets owned: 17. Songs listened to: 10,480. Instruments learned: 5. Recitals played at: 5. Times been misunderstood: 3,690. Times been understood: 3,700. Times I have worried about what others think: 478. Times I haven't cared what people think: 1,028. 


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