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Hi! I tried to make like a fantasy type of story and I hope you like it! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Run

November 25, 2020


    I grab my spit shield and put on my running shoes. Its go time, I think. I decide where to run first. Harry Hills? Bullying Bridge? Galloping Sidewalks? Monster Verge? I decide on Monster Verge and start to run toward it. I see lots of green spikes in the ground today, so I try extra hard to stay on the galloping sidewalks. The Monster Verge is a few feet up ahead and I go toward it. Run, run, run. I come on the monster verge which is on a bronze bridge. Lots of monsters in square boxes are on the big, fat, grey sidewalk. I start to run and see the dangerous waters below me. Run, run, run. As I am halfway through the monster verge, I see droplets of clear spit fall from the evil sky. Not today; oh no! I cover myself in my spit shield and start to run faster. The monsters have start howling loudly, pushing on the pizza in their hands. The same monsters that are right now protected in their moving boxes. *creeeek* I start to run to only see a small crack in the bridge underneath my foot. I jump over it, and start running again. Run, run, run. *snap!* I see under huge crack in the bridge. I don't know what is happening, but I start to turn around and head home. *splash!* Great. I piece of galloping sidewalks fell in the dangerous rivers. What now? I turn around again as I see another piece fall, but on the opposite direction. I have nowhere to go now, but the waters. So, I jump.


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