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Money Game!

May 4, 2015

Alex Rodriguez is an infielder for the Yankees. He is the highest paid player in the history of Major League Baseball. And he is the answer to my question, "Is sports really run by morally correct? people, or just number crunchers?"  Now, back to Alex Rodriguez. He isn't your ordinary baseball player; he was once considered the best player of his generation. Then he got caught. Now Alex Rodriguez is the infamous poster boy of the influence of steroids on Major League Baseball. He was found of using steroids from a clinic in Miami. His supplier, Anthony Bosch, recently received a four year prison sentence for his role in the Biogenesis scandal. Even before he signed a record breaking deal with the New York Yankees worth 275 million dollars he admitted to the use of steroids, yet the arguably most iconic franchise in Major League Baseball still gave him the aforementioned boatload of money. But, shouldn't a cheater of this magnitude be banned without question? The first answer that will come out of every MLB executive's mouth is a definitive, "Yes." So rest assured, Alex Rodriguez is out of the league. But wait, I just checked ESPN's website, and a breaking news bulletin tells that Alex Rodriguez just hit his 660th home run. Why is Alex Rodriguez still playing baseball? It is because Alex Rodriguez is what Stephen A. Smith (Analyst for ESPN) would call "box office". According to Stephen A. Smith, it means that no matter how many people love or hate the player, they still buy tickets to see him/her play. This generates revenue, which makes money, which in the eyes of the respective teams is good. All the aforementioned executives say Major League Baseball is all about the game, but really, a money game. This rational is supported when you see many major league sports go through lockouts, which is basically a dispute over money between the owners and the players. In fact, in 1994, perhaps baseball's most embarrassing moment in time when a lockout shut down the MLB for 232 days. If it really was "all about baseball " the dispute would have been settled with relative ease. So this brings us back to the all-important question. Why is Alex Rodriguez still collecting checks from the Yankees? Here's the answer. Major League Baseball has to show its fans that it will punish those who do wrong, but remember, it's about the money, so now Alex Rodriguez is back, makes headlines and selling tickets. All of the evidence that is presented above confirms my suspicions, sports isn't really about the love of the game as many fans may think, it is about cold hard cash.


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