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Just wait a little longer

November 24, 2020


I’m lost under an ocean,
Looking up at the water’s surface,
How it looks so beautiful from here,
My tears are swallowed by the water
Surronding me,
My hair is softly flowing up and down,
Tickling my face,
I feel myself 
Slowly sinking
To the depths 
Of the darkness,
But then I see you
In my mind,
Alone and hurt,
And I want to get to you,
But my lungs are filled with water,
My arms and legs aren’t responding,
But I’m searching for you,
I’m coming for you,
To help you,
Just wait a moment,
Wait a little a longer,
As I try to get back to the 
Water’s surface,
And find you. 
Idk if this makes sense... and I’m so so sorry it’s depressing again! (I think these past few pieces-before this one- was my longest not depressing piece streak in a while!...I think). But ig I’m trying to say that no matter how lost and alone you feel, someone out there cares and loves for you, and they want to see you happy and like yourself, but they might not always show it because something might be happening with them right now. 


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  • Coeur

    This is pretty, and it's a good point you made in the footnotes!

    about 2 months ago
  • lochnessie

    re: thank you!! respectful atheist five!

    about 2 months ago