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- Birthday on Friday the 13th
- Poet first, writer second
- Future plan (other than writing) is either teaching or practicing psychology
- Optimism forever, hope forever
- Major movie nerd
- Addiction to collecting books and films
- Vinyl lover

Message from Writer

- Hello and good day to you with all hints of positivity, subdued and conspicuous, that my mere words may offer! The one thing I am concerned with upfront is the happiness of all people. I never want to turn my back or look away and shield myself from truthful horror or wonderful, sublime sights that make one twist in love. Life is too short, though it is what we make it to be. I find joy in writing stories and poems for the same reason I find joy in companionship with family and friends. There is something resonating within the human soul that links us all together and when we read works of fiction, we are actively entertaining this sense and slowly finding universal joy. That is the point of writing, to me at least. Enjoy my works, peace.

What Speaks the Silent

November 24, 2020


I lost my jokes
And I forgot my notes
To poke fun at the world
To poke fun at the world.
I lost my baby
And I forgot my life
To find joy in the world
To find joy in the world.
I have lost everything.
I have lost everything.
Yet I’ll press on
Because I must have hope.
I must have hope.


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