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Magnum Chp. 3

February 11, 2021


    "Breaking News! Nasa has found asteroids that are likely to hit us in about a week! We can insure you that they will not be a major damage, but you might be able to feel the ground move when it hits!" I hear the news man, Ronald, shout. We are all gathered in the living room hearing the news before we sleep like we always do. It can't be anything more different than your California earthquakes. But to be honest, I kinda found it weird how Nasa found these asteroids just a week before they will hit. In Science class, I would usually hear Nasa would find asteroids years if not decades before asteroids come close to us.
    "Nasa is calling the asteroids "Magnum" because they are huge. They will be hitting in the Indian Ocean near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu in India. They can cause 10 foot waves, but the town will be evacuated before anything happens to the people. You might see some lights in the sky which we can confidently tell you it would be Magnum. We only have brief information about this, but we will report to you guys as soon as we find out more," I hear the news woman, Molly, says calmly this time. Sad it isn't hitting anywhere in the Pacific ocean for us to see closer. Though then that would be like a stage 100 earthquake. Never mind.
    "LET'S GOOO! BIG ICE CREAM IS GONNA HIT EARTH!!!!" I hear Tom shout.
    "These are asteroids are called Magnum sweetie, not the ice cream Magnum," my mom tries to explain to my little brother. I mean, he is only 5-years-old, so don't expect him to be super smart. 
    "It would have been way better if it was ice cream, right Tommy Lommi?" Mia says to Tommy. Tommy Lommi is a English Guitarist which grandpa loves. And yes, it would have been very interesting if ice cream hit us.
    "Yuppers 15ies," says Tom. Tom would always call Mia how old she is and add a -ies at the end. Sad I don't have a nickname for either of them, though sometimes I call Mia, Mi-Mi and Tom, Tommy.
    "Why don't we all sleep now kiddoes. It is past your bedtime already. Not to mention you guys have school and mom and I have work tomorrow," my dad says tiredly. We all jump out of the sofa and go upstairs to bed.
    I can't sleep. All I can think of are those asteroids. Magnum.

Sorry for the short chapter. But you do find big info so :P


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    Are there gonna be anymore?

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    re: thank you! :)

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  • Writing4Life

    Nice! Lmao I would love it if ice cream started pelting Earth :P

    4 months ago