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I'm fairly new here, but the only things I ever post are crap-post poems. So, enjoy it.

November of 2020

November 24, 2020


Incase you can't tell by literally the only other thing I've posted on this account, I like writing crap-post poetry that mostly exists because I saw a joke I like and ran with it. This one came up randomly while I was joking with my cousin. So, I present to you: November of 2020.

Twas the month of November 
Elon Musk lost his mind 
he set on a journey, an object to find
the weeb’s forbidden catgirls of area fifty one
praying that soon 2020 would be done

while the memers and streamers
fought for the justice of Johnny Depp
defaming Amber Heard until she’s in dept
we flee to the hidden lands of reddit and tumblr
hiding from Corona’s third wave of murder
every day and every night
Waluigi gets so much stronger
the world is scared of his gaining power
with shaggy fighting thanos, who will be the hero?    
everybody on the internet is yet to know.

During a time when extroverts and introverts alike
Hid from all people, whether large or small
for once we weren’t willing to throw pasta at the wall
the election itself delayed the response
and as my friend likes to say, “we took a chonce”
haha 2020 go brrrrrr


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