I´m 17 years old and live in a small town in Bavaria, in Germany. I still have two years of school left, till I will graduate. I love to write in my spare time because I have the feeling I can be truely myself when I write.


September 17, 2016

The sand between my toes feels wrong, in this city of glass, you are watched every second of your life. Privacy is a foreign word for us. Solely because the walls and doors are all made of glass, the only thing that isn´t made of glass in this city, is the river, or at least what we call the river. I heard that in other cities the rivers are full of water but not in Miraori, here it´s sand. It´s a torrential stream, but still I stand here with my legs halfway in, I already feel the current of the sand, it´s dragging me closer to to my death. People warned me that the sand is like an addiction, when you once touched it, you want to go more further, you want to test your limits. You want to see if you can be the first person to escape the stream. 
 The sand is already reached my hips. I know I´ve lost, but deep inside me, I finally feel peace, at least in my death, I will have peace. No more cameras, no more glass, just me and the sand. My last thought before my lungs begin to fill with sand is dedicated to her. My almost lover, who choose to die, because of the impossibility of our love. In a city with no hiding spots, your life is destined before you are born. This one is for you Nilam I love you till death and further


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