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Cassidy Jackson

United States

My soul is confined within the head of a demon.

Message to Readers

Hidden missives are the most vulnerable ones.

Subliminal Preceptions

May 13, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of mental breakdowns; 247. Number car wrecks; 13. Number of times I've walked across the road without looking; 47. Number of times I've changed who I was; 7. Number of times I've given up; 29. Number of anxiety attacks; 3. Number of animals I've killed; 15. Number of hearts I've broken; 0. Number of times I've had my heart broken; 1. Number of hoodies I've burned; 16. Number of deceased pets; 2. Number of people I've disappointed; 5. Number of broken bones; 2. Number of bruises; 7. Number of open wounds; 29. Number of burned bridges; 7. Number of medications; 4. Number of finerals I've been to to; 8. Number of dead ends; 6.


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