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Thoughts on a Dreary November Morning

November 23, 2020


I feel like I’m not enough 
and why would people love me
when I don’t even like myself?

Even at a very young age, I remember hearing someone say- Love your neighbor as yourself-

no, I thought,
they don’t deserve to be hated

this is a constant struggle- how I feel about the girl
looking back at me

the person I am alone with at night,
the one who controls my thoughts 


other people seem so confident-
how? How?
I don’t understand how someone could like themselves
or how some days I do

why is it that some days I am content with who I am 
but most of the time 
I wish I wasn’t me?

and it’s not even because of other people
i have not faced discrimination for who I am
i have never been looked down upon because of my 
race, sex, identity

so why do I treat myself in a way i 
wouldn’t treat others?
why do I judge myself so harshly
i don’t need to be perfect- so why do I expect perfection?

at this point, all I want to do is understand
Struggling a little right now... Covid stinks.


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  • rosewrites

    Oh my goodness, I love this so much. The "Love your neighbor as yourself" thing is tough when you don't feel like you actually love yourself. I'd guess that 99.999999% of us on here are in the same boat tho.

    Also, you have total validity in your struggles - don't make them less than because of what you see someone else going through - your mental health is important too.

    Anyways. Sending virtual hugs! Great job on the piece and putting your ideas out there, I know it can be hard sometimes. :)

    about 2 months ago
  • HelpMe512

    I think a lot of people, myself included, can relate. I can't give you a reason, but I can say that even if you don't necessarily have a reason for that pain, it doesn't mean it hurts less. Your pain is valid, and it's not fair to yourself to say that "you have it good" or something like that. Your brain justs finds ways to hurt you, which sucks. If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me at okRiver512@gmail.com if you want. I can't guarantee professional advice, but I can guarantee that I will listen. <3

    2 months ago
  • thelostave

    i feel the same way. i think about this every single day. how can i love myself at some time and then go back to feeling uncomfortable within my skin? it's... i want to know why too. thank you for this piece. i needed it.

    2 months ago