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I felt like writing something dark because yeah.
Short story: I watched Up yesterday and cried through almost the whole thing. It's a good Pixar film by the way, I'd recommend it, 20/10. and Spoiler Alert:

I cried during the part when Ellie dies and Carl doesn't get to surprise Ellie with the plane tickets, and I cried every single time Carl flipped through her adventure book, and I cried when Carl took off and pulled his house out of the ground using balloons and flew away because it was so romantic how he'd go all the way to Paradise Falls just for Ellie, and wouldn't leave the house or take it down and move somewhere else for her, and I cried every single time that theme song came back because it's so romantic, and I cried when Carl dumped everything out of his house to make the house lighter to fly because there was so much symbolism in how that showed he stopped grieving for Ellie and moved on, making his heart lighter, and I cried at the end because he moved on and stopped being mopey about Ellie.

Enough about me being emotional.

Also: I'm working on Igniting! I'm planning an official storyline and character list before actually publishing chapters, Stay tuned!


November 22, 2020


as much as I like Earth science and biology, 
I do not say so or I'd seem like
that Asian kid that knows nothing but studying.

as much as I like to read fanfiction
I do not say so or I'd seem like
that girl who's brain wonders too far into her fantasies. 

as much as how I'm not feeling it today
I do not show or I'd seem like
the one who's constantly emotional, too weak to take up responsibilities. 

And I smile, because it's the most beautiful style of makeup. 


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  • Stone of Jade

    ohhh UP makes me cry every time. that and The Good Dinosaur. idk if you've seen it but when arlo is explaining family to spot and buries the stick i bawl like a baby.
    also this piece is powerful. so well written and that last line is perfect

    10 months ago
  • Vicarious

    Off-topic, "Up" is definitely one of my favorite pixar films! I'm not usually emotional, but I can relate to everything you stated in your message. Nevertheless, this piece truly hit me hard (as someone who also faces daily stereotypes). As abby.a stated, stereotypes really do suck :(

    10 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    re: wow, that last comment was super long. ok, finally replying also.
    hope you do get to make the scones! they're delightful.
    wow, the science comps sound pretty exciting. well, glad your varsity team did well, better luck next time! science bowl sounds fun. except not my strong suit. but being on jeopardy! was my dream for a while and that’s similar. (what a dream.) although now that our dear mr. trebek is gone, it wouldn't be the same. :(
    this holiday season esp needs something special. Ambedo is from the dictionary of obscure sorrows, meaning to enjoy each moment in itself for the sole purpose of enjoying it. And we always make sugar cookies.
    Ooh i wanna try avocado on pizza sometime! I have had sliced avocado in a tortilla soup. ANYTHING, absolutely.
    Well def check out the sparknotes blog, it’s pretty funny. I don’t mind reading books for english; i’m always glad i did, even if i wouldn’t read them on my own. But i’m trying to get into more classics and academic readings. My next venture is common sense by thomas paine, the federalist papers, the anti-federalist papers, and democracy in america by tocqueville. But idk when. I just picked up a couple new books at the library: opposite of aways and the invention of sophie carter. And i just finished anne’s house of dreams, look both ways by jason reynolds, the betrothed by kiera cass, and hawk by james patterson. Wow that sounds liek a lot, but it was spread out. We’re also starting anthem by ayn rand in english.
    Ahh i’m so glad you liked my horrid commentary on shakespeare and the classics! Mr. darcy... yes. I’ve started jane eyre. Still working on it among many other projects/books. Picture of dorian gray is also intriguing, dangerous in its ideals, but brilliant and wicked.
    Ah yes lots of lit devices. Ahhhh that symbolism! That is incredibly sad. Up was such a great movie.
    I’m also glad you’re a hopeless romantic. And we’re not the only ones! Lots of other writers are also.
    Hahaha, socks are “hand glovees!” absolutely.
    This was a horribly disjointed comment and the capitalization was annoying. Usually i do comments in lowercase, but i was typing this on my doc of replies so it auto-capitalized some stuff but not others. This bothers me but not enough for me to fix it XD

    10 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    Re: I also go to a “real” school, as in a public high school, all my life. (Well, I haven’t gone to high school all my life, but yk.) My mom works at my K-8 school, so I went there. Second home, it was. (Channeling my inner Yoda, apparently.) There were days when I spent almost 12 hours there.
    This science competition sounds awesome! What kind of comp?
    Also, I’m so sorry your piece got disqualified. But I’m glad you’re working on it in its entirety.
    School for Good and Evil def gets different, but still excellent. It’s kind of a new arc/new chapter of their lives. And SAME, I have not read fantasy in a while. Not hardcore, at least. I used to only read fantasy until about 7th grade. You’ll find your way back to fantasy, just as I intend to. (That seemed low-key poetic to me; was it?)
    Oh my gosh, that video sounds hilarious! Also weird. And I know what you mean about avocados! I usually buy 3-4 small ones at a time or 2 big ones. Eating them every day, sometimes with breakfast and lunch (and even in salad or tacos at dinner!) I can usually eat them all before they turn yucky. But I usually buy somewhat unripe ones.
    I think it’s so wonderful that you are musically talented, since I am not and I wish I were. I mean, I’ve recently gotten more into singing, just for fun, and covering songs, and my friends tell me nice things, and I don’t think it’s the most cringy and painful thing you’ve ever heard, but I’m sure not going to be a singer, even in local stuff. And I don’t know/understand a lot about music. (I did take percussion in 5th grade, tho…) Anyway, I can see what you mean about clarinet. I don’t think I see a lot of clarinet soloists. But piano, absolutely. And you can sing along with piano. (One of my closest friends is actually learning piano rn, since they can’t do band at school. He played clarinet (bass and regular) before, tho.) Wdym about improvising music? Like, just start playing at a whim and play it well?
    Haha, can’t blame you for watching pixar! Oh my, Up was soooo good! I totally agree, the love story was tragic and sweet and just heartbreaking. I’m a hopeless romantic too. It’s even in my bio. XD
    I definitely see what you mean about Shakespeare. His works get so much hype that I feel like I can’t even appreciate whatever people are trying to get me to appreciate. And due to language changing, what might have been a hilarious dirty pun by Mercutio kinda just goes over the heads of others and myself. I mean, I also want to grab Romeo and Juliet and shake them and scream at them, “WHY ARE YOU SUCH IDIOTS?! YOU LITERALLY JUST MET EACH OTHER!!! ALSO, FRIAR JOHN, WOULD IT KILL YOU TO TELL ROMEO THAT SHE’S NOT ACTUALLY DEAD?!” Also, Friar Laurence was quite the mastermind… meddling old man! Anyway, I adore Sparknotes Blog because they make fun of classics and Shakespeare as well as slyly informing me what actually happens, which is how I know some horrific lines from Macbeth, who doesn’t marry who in Little Women, why Mr. Darcy was the finest brooding specimen of manhood, lines about seeing Goody Proctor with the devil, asking where the ducks go and saying “phony” approximately a thousand times, and how that drunk guy is always hanging out in Gatsby’s library as well as the symbolism of the green light across the bay. You should totally check out Sparknotes Blog, if you haven’t already. I recommend: “Every Book on Your English Syllabus Summed Up in a Quote From “The Office” (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Great British Bakeoff, Marvel Quotes, Satirical Headlines); “All the Books on Your English Syllabus Summed Up in Pie Charts, Parts 1-2”; “Every Literary Movement in History, Summed Up in a Single Sentence”; “if Literary Classics Were Published As Modern-Day YA Novels”; all of the Instagram/Snapchat/Tinder stuff (esp the Tinder); “Shakespeare Plays Summed Up in Quotes From “The Office”; “Literary Characters Summed Up in Quotes From the Office” and more. It’s worth it.
    I also love writing, but I don’t mind essays, since I’m weird. Except if I have nothing to say about the topic, in which case it becomes impossibly difficult. I like DISCUSSING SO MUCH, I WISH WE COULD JUST DISCUSS IN ENGLISH. Now that I’m a sophomore, we def have more discussion, which is nice, since my teacher is awesome and always wants to make us think and consider and analyze. Wow, this might be the longest comment I’ve written. Oops. ;)

    10 months ago
  • Jj101

    Awww great writing. And that last line it’s so pure!! Boooo stereotypes

    10 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    Okay, I feel this hugely. I definitely
    Fall into some of these “labels.” Fangirl, try hard, nerd, athlete, know it all... screw the labels. But at the same time, I feel this sort of comfort in knowing where I “fit.”
    Re: I LOVED reading your long comment, and I’m gonna reply soon in full.

    10 months ago
  • woven_moth

    This is so good. I wish labels didn't have to often have a stereotype behind them. I agree with crystalline·galaxies, that last line is really powerful

    10 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    woah, this piece is really cool. that last line really hits hard.
    re: i think it's a really cool name, personally. "Calvin and Hobbes" is my absolute childhood! i read those comics obsessively.

    10 months ago
  • Century Friend

    Love this, and that last line is so powerful!
    Replying: Glad you're doing alright, I'm sorry about your piece.

    10 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    stereotypes suck

    10 months ago