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You are good enough,
Don't let anyone tell you differently,
Including yourself

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You are amazing, beautiful, talented, loved, and you deserve to smile<3

You Are Enough

November 28, 2020


You are enough,
That is not a bluff,
Trust me when I say
​You are enough.

You are strong,
​You've made it this long,
After all,
​Because of your strength. 

You are pretty,
Be witty,
You really are pretty,
​No, you are beautiful. 

You are perfect,
So don't let your mind effect
That, imperfections are part of being human,
And your imperfections are perfect. 

​You are far more than good enough.

​Remember that.
I wrote this to honor my new username. You are enough period. Don't let your mind abuse you or your body, because all it's doing is lying to you. It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you are happy and healthy. You do so much more for this world that you know, I promise you that you do. Every night try to look at at least one good thing that happened that day, because I'm sure, you can at least find one, no matter how small. If you even feel down, find/do something that makes you happy. That shows you you are enough. Look at inspirational quotes(that's mainly what I do). And know, you aren't alone, you are loved, and, most importantly, you are way more than good enough. (I'm going to repeat that until you believe it if you don't already.) Love you all! <3<3<3


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