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November 22, 2020


Being a junior in high school can be compared to, let's say, 
Satan looming over you while you walk over hot coals,
except those hot coals also have razor sharp knives jabbed
into them.

Yeah, it sucks. 
I think about the girl, Ana all day. 

Well, mostly the whole day. 
In between fifth and sixth period
I went to my locker
and found my textbooks with shit written 
all over them in big magic marker. 

My History textbook had FUCKWAD.
written across the cover.
Math textbook - DINK
scrawled across the back cover.

I just sighed, pulled a wet wipe from my pocket and started scrubbing at ‘em.

I looked around for the perp,
But I already knew who it was.

I gave up after at least five minutes of tireless elbow grease.
I was gonna be late for gym.

Don’t even get me started on that.
After a sweaty, uncomfortable hour and a half complete with bloodthirsty jocks, I was free for the weekend. I slipped into one of the teacher-only bathrooms and changed into my normal ensemble.

Baggy jeans and Keds were always gonna be my jam, slap a graphic-tee on there, and we’re golden. I looked at myself in the grimy mirror that’s bolted to the tiled wall and grinned.

Everything was in its place. My eyes were asymmetrical, along with the crook in my nose, and my grin. And my hair, too, golden springs that just couldn’t behave.

Perfect, yet imperfect. I told myself as I slipped into the emptying halls,
As I was swimming along with all the other lifeless minnows, I bumped into her- Ana.

“Ooh, sorry.” That sunny, lilting voice again. She had her census curtain twirled up into a tight, neat bun that showed her widow’s peak. Her thick brows were perfectly arched and slick.
A soft, rosy smile set on her lips, widening her dimples. Her eyes shone that beautiful hazel-green color.

She was dressed in a tight, periwinkle leotard, fitted with a flowy skirt that faded from blue to indigo.

“Y-you’re fine.” I shifted my bag to my other shoulder. “Have..a uh, good dance class.”

She arched a brow and nodded. “Thanks.”
She glided off, just like she was dancing already.
“Oh, wait!” She turned on her heel, reached in her bag and pulled out the pencil I’d given her.
“You..didn’t have to do that,” I told her as I reached out my hand to take it. I had to keep it from shaking.

“It’s been on my mind all day.” She breathed. “I hate forgetting to return stuff to people.”

“Me..me too..” I felt my lips split into a grin.

“Oh, and..take this, too.” She rummaged in her bag and pulled a little pink notebook from it. She flipped to a page and gently tore it out.
“I got the names of the people who broke into your locker.”

“Holy crap.” I said. “Are you serious?”
How had she done it? Was she a ninja, too.

She nodded solemnly. “I could go to the principal to report them with you.”
Yes, yes, yes. I already knew who they were, but now that I had proof? 
Ooh, sweet revenge. 

I nodded. “That would be great. Thanks, Ana.”
She winked, grabbed my arm and off we went, down the emptying, winding halls to the main office.

The secretary was nice enough; she gave us Tootsie Pops from the cup she had filled with them on her desk..and then told us the principal was in a meeting with the superintendent that would take at least another hour.
“I’ll tell him about this as soon as I can.”
She said solemnly. her eyes were sloped down in the corners, and it made it seem like she really meant it.

We thanked her and headed out into the main hall.
“So, what’re you doing now?” She asked as she picked a bit of dust from her shoulder.

“I dunno, going home to get a head start on my work?” I shrugged and let the pathetic-ness of it wash over me.

“Come on, let’s do something fun.” She punched me lightly in the shoulder. “You seem like an interesting person.”

“But what about your dance class?”

“I’ve been doing it since I could toddle. I can skip one day now and then.” She dismissed. And before I could protest, we were out in  the town square, about to enter Ziggy’s - the only good diner in this little town south of Boston.
“I can pay.” She pulled a twenty from her bag, fresh and crisp.

She got an order of salted sweet potato fries, and I got a Coke. We slipped outside into the cold, bitter fall breeze and plunked our asses on a bench.

She gasped after a second and pointed at one of the buttons on the flap of my knapsack. It was a little enamel one of Tom Nook.

“I thought I was the only person that played around here!” Her eyes shone brightly, and from her bag, she pulled out a mini-Nintendo Switch.

“Do you wanna help me finish up building my village?”

Did I ever.

I showed her the cheat codes and how to bargain with good ol’ Nook. We got closer and closer together, so that when we looked up, our noses touched.
I went in for the kiss. I don’t know why I was so..bold about it. I just couldn’t control myself.
She kissed back, her lips tasted like cherries, while mine tasted like soft drink, I think.

We pulled away, and she slipped her Switch back into her bag. Blush had spread across her cheeks. I reached up to feel mine and they were warm.

I couldn’t back away now. I had started it.
I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.
“..S-should we..take this somewhere else?”
I choked out. My words were so dry they crumbled in the air.
She nodded.
We ended up making out under the slide on the playground down the street. Somehow, I had managed to undo her bun and her hair fell in sleek waves.

We pulled away again after a little while.

“..are we a thing now?” She asked, looking away. She was tracing her fingers in the dirt that laid underneath the wood chips.

“If..you wanna be.”
God, when did I become so..cool. I don’t mean like douche cool, but cucumber cool.

“..I think I do. You’re..really nice.” She laughed.
“You are, too. I can’t believe you sat in front of me in class..and we never talked.” I got onto my knees and brushed wood chip splinters from my jeans.
We crawled out from under the plastic plaything. I helped her to her feet. She, the graceful ballerina, lost her footing and fell into my arms.
“I gotcha.”
She regained her balance lickety-split and looked up at me. I forgot how lanky I was compared to her; she couldn’t have been more than five feet tall.

“Can I get..your number?” She pulled out her phone, and to my surprise, it was a flip phone.
I whipped out my iPhone.
We exchanged numbers..but didn’t part like people usually do after these things. She sidled up next to me and we headed off the playground, fingers barely entwined.


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