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these are a few things about me that has changed. I have realised that a lot of things about me has changed.

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November 22, 2020



There are a lot of things that changed about me from when I was younger.

When I was younger I was cheerful, and loud around people I knew and  was shy around people I didn't know. I loved wearing dresses, and my sparkly flats. I had gold hair the shone in the sun. I wore purple glasses that stood out against my rosy cheeks. I loved animals and when my father went fishing; I used to tip the bucket of worms out so they could be 'free'. I was the kind of kid that was friends with everybody. I hated couldn't read well and hated to write. I was very creative and loved being outside. 

But all that felt like a dream.

Now I am quiet and when I'm cheerful I don't show it on my face. I don't wear dresses anymore, only when I go to school. My golden hair has now faded in to a brown. I have swapped my purple glasses for a black pair, and my rosy cheeks still have colour but have faded. My care for animals hasn't changed except now I don't care for worms.  I have a passion for reading and writing, and my creativity has improved. I don't like going outside, If I had a choice I would chose to stay inside. I'm shy to everyone around me. 

A lot can change in only a few years. I feel like a die that has been rolled.


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  • everythingbagel (the cliffhanger goddess)

    This is a really interesting commentary on aging. Literally, the same thing happened to me. I went from colorful expression to more "mature" muted tones, I guess.
    Loved this.

    about 2 months ago