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I appreciate knowing how the piece makes the reader feel - like tone and things like that so that if it comes across a way I don't want it to, I know.

May I Just Say

November 22, 2020


While I have your attention

May I just say

You always talk over me. 
I talk about me and you make it about you.
You talk about you and I listen.
But you never listen to me. 

May I just say

That a friend is supposed to be there 
when the other needs their help.
Not suddenly disappear
or never return a call. 

May I just say

That a freind doesn't just walk away
when a better option apears
without even a goodbye.
That's not a friend. 

May I just say

I tried. 



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  • November 22, 2020 - 3:56pm (Now Viewing)

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  • rosewrites

    @ava09 and @tina <3

    You guys are the sweetest. I love knowing how my writing comes across - thanks for commenting!!! I'll be checking out your pieces in the future :)

    2 months ago
  • ava09 (kinda hiatus ish)

    may i just say (hehe) basically what tina <3 said lollll. it's all super true, and i know i've (unfortunately) had friends like this, so it's relatable too. it's also empowering because of the "Goodbye." at the end that shows the moving on, which i think can still be hard sometimes even if the friendship isn't good for you. love this so much! sending hugs and happy writing!! <3

    2 months ago
  • mystifiedtulip

    may i just say?: you said it all in one beautiful piece. <333 great job!

    2 months ago