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so you found me... in other words, you have a new friend :)

im really nice and understanding, also really good at listening and giving advice, but im a bit crazy, too.

yes that's right im a HUGE potterhead! so if we have that in common, hi bestie!

you can always find me in the library or at Hogwarts (or maybe in the clouds for a vacation)

i have an annoying habit of starting pieces but not finishing them

the feel of night

November 22, 2020


the moonlight:
creeps into my window, seeping through the glass onto my bed. i can't describe what color it is. blue? no, subtler. gray? no, brighter. blue-gray? still not right. but she creeps into every crevice of the world, spreading light.
the stars:
are miniature models of the sun, shining like a beacon against the inky sky. like gold glitter spilled on a black velvet surface, they gleam, identical to a diamond.
the night breeze:
is a finger gently brushing over the world, tickling the tops of trees, twirling the leaves, cradling the flows along like a train of silk, skating over the earth, slipping in between things in it's way.

ooh i tried to put as much feeling in this as i could but im not sure i succeeded. btw be on the lookout for a new novel, Foe's Murder! writing every other chapter, other ones written by AstroWriter but everything will be on both our pages.


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  • Rohan’s Defender

    Wow, I see I’m really late, but this is so gorgeously written! Amazing work!

    6 days ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    this is an old piece, i know, but it's so gorgeously written that i couldn't help myself. your way with words is fantastic, and your imagery is vibrant and original. fantastic work.

    6 days ago
  • AstroWriter

    Oh, how beautifully said! Description and imagery on point like your writing skills girl!

    2 months ago
  • peridot

    re: XD thank you!! <33

    2 months ago
  • mooncake


    2 months ago