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November 22, 2020


She's the type of girl who smells the book before she reads it.
He's the type to scoff at being smart.
She spends her life surrounded by books for friends.
He has time only to practice football.
She knows who she is, what her purpose is.
He is in a fog, trying to find himself.

She sits at the park bench, immersed in her book, the world around her meaningless. On the other side, he passes the football with his friends, swinging his arm back and letting loose the ball like a bullet.

Twenty minutes go by, and she is still reading her book, unaware of her surroundings. His friends have left, and night seems looming on the horizon. He looks around the now empty park, his steady blue eyes taking in the peacefulness. He  finally settles on the park bench and the girl, muffled in her coat, her eyes alive as she reads as if her life depended on it. He had seen her there before, every day, reading in the crisp, autumnal air. He realizes they go to the same school, remembers having brief conversations with her. A nice girl. No one but he really paid her any attention. She didn't seem to mind. 

He walks over to her and sits next to her, twirling his football between his hands.
She doesn't notice his presence, and continues her reading. She has left this world, and is in the world of her book, having adventures with the characters.

Something cold touches her hand. She looks up, brought back with a jolt to reality, to the sorrows and chaos of life.

She looks to see a hand belonging to a somehow-familiar-boy covering hers and squeezing it gently.

He squeezes tighter, almost urgently, as if somehow she would be able to transmit some of her confidence to him.
She looks at him, and understands. She understands his need to find himself, and vows to help him to it.

Days, months, years go by.

Every week now, they meet.
He teaches her football, and she talks to him.
She talks to him about books--which ones she's read, which ones he should read.
But most of all, they talk about what they will do once they are married: where they'll live, how many children they'll have, what their names will be.

He is found.
Thank you so much to mooncake for reviewing this! her suggesting were perfect, and made this piece so much better!

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