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Hello Lovelies! Thank you so much for 160+ followers! It’s makes a girls heart happy. X) I hope everyone is staying safe!

Well, I have exciting news! Busssy.Beee and I are doing a collaboration! We're so excited to share "As Fate Would Have Us" with you, and we hope that everyone is excited too! https://writetheworld.com/groups/
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And, katnissromanoff and I are collaborating to bring you the "Hate Me, Push Me, Break Me " Series! We hope you stick around and enjoy! <3

(Lots of exclamations, I know OoO)

False Feelings

November 22, 2020


"I didn't realize that you felt that way about me," I choked out, watching his face carefully for the twitch of his eye, or the furrowing of his brow for a tell that he was lying.

"Are you mad?" he asked quietly, voice never faltering.

"You used me, Rowan. How could I not be mad?" I blinked slowly, the tears building up obnoxiously fast. "You used me to get over someone else. That was not okay."

"I..." he reached for me hand, but thought better of it and pulled back. "Yeah. I guess it wasn't." He shook his head, dark hair falling into his eyes. "Can you blame me, though?"

"I can, and I do," I said pointedly. "That is not something I would have done. That hurts other people." 

"I can see that now," he huffed, running his hands through his hair as he always did when he was frustrated. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to break your heart."

"Whatever," I mumbled. "I'm just..." I swallowed thickly, the lump in my throat making it hard to talk. "I'm just gonna go. Uh... have... fun with whatever it is you're going to do now."

"Yeah. Yeah, I will. You take care of yourself. I may not love you, but I do care." He obviously tried to smile, but it looked all wonky. Not his usual crooked smile. 

"I'll try," I claimed, giving him a half-shrug. "Ciao."

I didn't wait to see his wave, turning and striding off into the night. I admit, my heart collapsed.
Where do I begin... Don't let anyone use you in a way that will get you hurt. Emotionally, or physically. The results are truly depressing. 


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  • los libros de queenie (queenie's books)

    I didn’t pack a lunch for this feels trip

    4 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    So this happened haha

    4 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh wow... I have a lot of potential to have this happen to me, and it's scary. I try to prepare myself and educate myself, but it doesn't change my trusting nature.

    4 days ago