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Just edited a little spelling mistake. Anyway, I'll keep adding lyrics and updating. Unless I do a part 2. idk yet.

fragile yet strong (relationship woes & joys)

November 24, 2020


"one look / dark room / meant just for you / time moved too fast / you played it back / buttons on a coat / light-hearted joke / no proof, not much / but you saw enough / small talk, he drives / coffee at midnight / the light reflects / the chain on your neck / he says, 'look up' / and your shoulders brush / no proof, one touch / but you felt enough"

"bring me some hope / by wandering into my mind / something to hold onto / morning, or day, or night / you were the light that is blinding me / you're the anchor that I tie to my brain / 'cause when it feels when I'm lost at sea / you're the song that I sing again and again / all the time, all the time / i think of you all the time"

"when all of your flaws and all of my flaws / are laid out one by one / the wonderful part of the mess that we made / we pick ourselves undone / ... / you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve / and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground / dig them up; let's finish what we've started / dig them up, so nothing's left untouched"

"let's trace the steps of where we've been / to make it feel like home again / ... / sometimes I wish I didn't know you all / so we could do it all over / and fall all over each other again" 

"i'm not one to stay in between the lines / and i don't always see it black and white / like you / but i'll bring some color to your life / we don't always see eye to eye / so it's a good thing that love is blind / there's something that you got to know / can't have the funk without the soul / these little things, you gotta let them go / you be the rock and i'll be the roll / you be the rock and i'll be the roll"

“you took the time to memorize me / my fears, my hopes, and dreams / i just like hanging out with you / all the time”

"i think I fell in love today / i'm sure he saw it on my face 'cause / i couldn't break my smile, yeah / the stars weren't lined up in a row / there was no firework show / but in that moment, he was mine" 

we buy into lies 
about love and life and smiles that induce flutters

we know it's not love
but it's something like it

and i want you
and i like you
and i'm not afraid to say it

this push-pull
the constant wondering and wandering
as songs play back in my mind

in yours too, i know
reminding us of what we are
and what we could be
if only...

if only life were that simple
but then again, would it truly be life?
all these complications
all these shining days
all these instant changes
make this world spin a little faster
a little brighter

this push-pull
the constant wondering and wandering
as songs play back in my mind

in yours too, i know
reminding us of what we are
and what we could be
if only...

sometimes we feel like a spider's web
silvery gossamer, raindrops balancing
on each delicate strand
strongest material, they say
but so fragile in other ways
when my hand pases through
and it's torn apart 
remnants of glittering threads
all that labor and love
fragile yet strong

this push-pull
the constant wondering and wandering
as songs play back in my mind

in yours too
reminding us of what we are
and what we could be
if only...

Update as of 11.24.20: changed the beginning, added a few more song lyrics. ;) also, recently heard the sweetest song by Forest Blakk called "If You Love Her." The music video is unexpected and sweet. It's the kind of song people will play at weddings, I bet. A few minutes later: just edited a spelling mistake I caught. 
Inspired by Stone of Jade's piece "the future remains unknown, so please, let us enjoy right now" check her out, she does amazing things with words
This is just me pouring feels onto the page (well, onto the screen). Based on real-life experiences. He's amazing, it's all good, but it's also complicated. I know I'm not ready for a relationship, and I want to be cautious and mature, but sometimes I want to say, "to heck with logic and caution and reason and being good and mature." But I'll never be able to do that. The "good girl" is just too deeply ingrained in me. I can't be a deliberate, reckless rebel. I've tried.

Works Cited, in order of use: (I know this may not be completely accurate, but I didn't access the songs from a specific place. So this is more the format for a CD-accessed song. Couldn't find the record label that Castro was under when they released Diamond Dreams. And yes, these are all songs that remind me of him, obviously. He sent me "The Anchor."

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