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Hello Lovelies! Thank you so much for 240+ followers! It's insane how many of you I've had the chance to get to know. I LOVE YOU!

Well, I have exciting news! Busssy.Beee and I are doing a collaboration! We're so excited to share "As Fate Would Have Us" with you, and we hope that everyone is excited too! Let me or Yannie know if you'd like to be added/removed from the notif list.

Go check out the trailer!:

"But don't ever doubt yourself
'Cause life ain't just a dream
You make your own, so kick and scream
The people will act with a neverending force
You never had the chance, so what're you waiting for?"
-This Is War

As Fate Would Have Us | Chapter One

November 28, 2020


Looking for other chapters? Check the Footnotes for the previous chapters so you don't miss out.

Duke William Blackwell stared out at the vast city beyond the kingdom walls, rubbing the pale marking on the inside of his right wrist. It was a beautiful summer morning, and a chill breeze swept through the gardens below his balcony. The sun reflected off the white marble of the palace, making the day all the brighter. He rested his chin in his hands, closing his eyes.

There was a sharp knock on his chamber door, and he quickly pulled down his sleeve, hiding the burn in his flesh. "Come in," he called, turning to stride back into his room. Prince Chandler flung the doors open, pacing into his room and flopping onto his bed. "Is there a reason you're here?" William asked, quirking a brow at him.

"Can I not come see my friend?" Chandler snorted, raising a slender, blonde brow of his own. 

"Of course you can, your highness. It's your home, if I recall," William said in return, sketching a mocking bow and rolling his eyes. "C'mon, Chandler. We both know you don't just visit me out of nowhere."

"Come train me?"

"There it is!" William chuckled, clapping Chandler on the back of the neck. It was true that the prince never stopped by just to chat or hang out. He was always doing paperwork, other royal duties, or training. What those royal duties were, it was hard to say. Dancing with beautiful women? Such a chore! Talking to wealthy people? Boring. Duke William sighed. “Well, let’s get on with it, shall we.” 

Chandler eagerly nabbed up one of William’s blades, smiling like a dork. It was his favorite one, too. William rolled his eyes and grabbed his second best double-handed blade. The kind of sword mattered. Some people preferred the kind you could double-wield, do short range attacks with, and some even liked the broadsword, but William liked the control of the two-handed sword. It allowed him more control over his movements, letting him go fast with accuracy. 

He trotted after the prince into the courtyard, holing his weapon at the ready, prepared for when Chandler spun and lunged. Before long, sweat trickled down his back, soaking his royal blue and gold vest he was requested to constantly wear. "You've gotten stronger," William commented. It had been a while since they had last sparred, and in that time, Chandler had packed on muscle. 

"Well, I'm going to need to," the prince said nonchalantly. "If this treaty today doesn't go well, then I'm going to have to lead a war. I'm not particularly excited or prepared for that."

"Yes, well, you'll have me to do the dirty work for you," William informed him, standing straight and tall. "Speaking of the treaty, however, I'm upping your security. You'll have four guards with you in the days that the other royal family is here. One guard will always be in your room to keep people from snooping, and two will be on the other side of the door."

"Is all of that really necessary, Will?" Chandler asked, lunging again, bringing his sword down in a half-planned motion. William dodged it easily, using his own sword to knock it out of his friend's hands. 

"Very, Prince Chandler the fourth. It's very necessary. I've done the same for the rest of your family, too. No need to feel embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed, Will. It's just suffocating," Chandler wiped the sweat off his brown with the back of his hand. "What will you be doing while I'm stuck under the wraps of my family's guard?"

"Doing my usual duties, watching the walls for any signs of disturbance, making rounds with your soldiers, and posting myself outside the dining hall doors while you're in your meeting."

”Ever so formal,” Chandler sighed. “It’s just me, Will. You can let loose.”

Except he couldn’t. Especially when it came to Chandler. If Chandler got hurt, it would be William's head. He didn't say that though. It would most likely hurt his friends feelings even if Chandler understood where he was coming from. "When is their party arriving?" William asked instead, sheathing his blade and crossing his arms behind his back. 

"By noon. Meeting is at five, over dinner." William glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten in the morning. 

"If you need more practice, go to the training grounds and beat up some of the guard. Or let them beat up you," he said, striding away from the prince. "Four guards on duty will show up; they will be your shield. I wish you luck, my friend. I'll see you in a couple hours."

*    *    *    *    *

The sun glared down at them as they stood in momentary silence, watching the royal convoy approach. William had to admire the sleek black carriage and marbled horses, but he quickly masked his features. He had to look stone cold, as most guards did. He could tell his men were tense, hands on the hilts of their swords, and spines stiff as wooden planks. "At ease," he called out. Immediately, the soldiers loosened, becoming less menacing. He nodded his approval, watching as they spread further out, leaving breathing room for one another. The stagecoach stopped, and the driver hopped down, opening the door and bowing low. 

"His and her royal majesty, and madame Akemia of Kariliea." The king stepped out first, followed by his angel of a wife, and then a petite woman who wore a beautiful yellow sundress with wide eyes looking up at the blue yonder. He wondered what she was searching for. William stood shoulder to shoulder Chandler who's brow was furrowed. 

He leaned over to ask something, but resisted when his mother and father stepped into the scene. The royals shook and held hands, talking quietly among one another. Akemia turned and talked to the driver, her white smile blinding. She had to have been one of the most beautiful people he'd seen, and that was saying a lot, considering he was surrounded by flawless people every day. But, something about the way she stood, spoke, and smiled was genuine. It pulled at a sense of longing in the back of his mind that he hadn't felt in a long time. William shook his head. He had no desire for those kinds of thoughts. He couldn't afford those kinds of thoughts. So he shut his brain down, closing off all those emotions he'd worked so hard to get rid of. Those dangerous thoughts. The trumpets sounded somewhere in the palace, and he spun on his heel, striding back towards the gates. "Once the royal family is in, no one may come in or out until I tell you otherwise. Understand? Absolutely no one." William received small nods from the men stationed there before continuing on his way. 

His one job was to protect the palace and the people inside at all costs.

He wasn't planning on failing.
In Collaboration with Busssy.Beee, we bring to you, As Fate Would Have Us.



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