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"You seem to replace
Your brain with your heart
You take things so hard
And then you fall apart
You try to explain
But before you can start
Those cry baby tears
Come out of the dark"

- "Crybaby" by Melanie Martinez


November 20, 2020


So, your sitting at your desk, pulling out your pencil, and you start to write your story.

One problem, you don't know what to write.

There are millions if not, billions of stories out in the world to inspire you. So many important authors and messages each one can give you. Yet, you're still unsure.

And, that's exactly what I'm feeling right now.

The more words you read, the less you learn. The more power you drain. The more time you waste. Why did you pick up on this story? The one that has no meaning? 

I have written the unwritten, and all this does is waste your time.

"Fillin' up a page is like speaking on paper," my mother once said, "You just gotta find the right time and story, and you betta be on yo' way. Don't worry sunny, you gonna find yo' story, and once you do, it's gonna matter. I ain't got no doubt." 

Yet, the words never made it to the paper, it never wrote out. And here I am, writing the unwritten.

At this point, you may still be wondering whether or not you'll get inspiration from an unwritten book with words nonexistent. You may still be wondering where to find this knowledge. You might be wondering why I'm sitting here, writing a story that serves no purpose. You may be wondering, "Hey, can you get to the point already?"

Well, how can you have a point with an unwritten book? With an unwritten story? Wouldn't you just end up with an unwritten point and an unwritten moral? Wouldn't it just not matter? Wouldn't it just have an unwritten meaning?

Unwritten books don't have a purpose, and we have learned from many others.

Nothing in this world has a purpose unless it is written.

Everyone says that.

Every book that hasn't been published has no meaning because that's unwritten. Every idea that didn't make it to the table has no meaning because that's unwritten. Every speech, action, performance, anything that didn't make the cut has no meaning.

Why? Because it's unwritten.

Everyone seems to underestimate the purpose of books, and think that only written things matter. And, I guess that's true. 

Nobody seems to speak up, nobody seems to change it.

So, I guess this book doesn't matter because all it is is an unwritten story.

And stories can't have a purpose if it's unwritten.

And, that's the way it's been. Forever.

We always seem to think of things that are here, but never the things that aren't. Never the things that don't exist.
We never read in between the lines, seeing what purpose something could of had. Something that was unwritten. And looking in between the lines, it can actually change something.

Of course, no one does that.

Nobody actually takes the time to think about what something could have been. What something was but was changed. Nobody ever sees the change of the story, and what was really hiding behind the bars.

And now, we have ended up in this place.

Writing an unwritten story.

I have written the unwritten. And it does nothing to the world.

So here we are, writing something that probably won't matter. Something that wont make a difference. Something that doesn't matter, serves no purpose, drains and wastes your time. Something that provides no enthusiasm, no happy morals, no lessons, just words on a piece of paper, dancing across the page. Just letters bunched up together, but never making a statement. So, this story won't matter.

This story will never matter.

Why? Because it's nothing but unwritten.

I'm sorry to the people who wanted a happy ending, and I'm sorry to the young folks who wanted inspiration. 

I have no inspiration, just empty sayings.

The only thing I can teach you, unwritten things seem not to matter.

The only thing I can show, unwritten things have no purpose.

The only thing I can say, it only matters if it's written.

So remember, this will not matter when your 20 or so. This won't matter because it serves no purpose. This won't matter because it has no moral, lesson, or story. Just words on a page. Empty words.

And this story will never matter.

Because it's nothing else. Because it's only unwritten.



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  • LittleBody_BigHeart<3

    This is my first book writing on this website. I hope that it turns out well!

    Here are some facts about me:
    I am 11 years old
    My school is Don Estridge
    I learned about this website from my ELA teacher!

    So, that's some stuff about me!

    2 months ago