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ahh guessed right! i live in 2bhk :P
2 bedroom kitchen hall.... So the narrator of the poem want some love so she rents a house. And because she's going it die she didn't buy it. She spent some memorable time there and now she had to leave. So now I hope it makes more sense. :I
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November 23, 2020


Let me rent 2BKH in your heart,
I swear I will a good tenant.

I am broke to have furniture or wallpapers. I just want to instill some frames on your walls before I leave. 
I have less time on my watch. 
I want to hug you and cuddle on Sundays. You could make breakfast for me. We could play games in our hall like basketball. We will fight. I will make a makeshift Dj in the home and we will trouble the neighbors.  We will make heaven where stardust will sprinkle on us and clouds will pour us blessings.

Please don't cry when I am gone. Don't let your kitchen be spooky, empty. Don't make the halls silent. Please don't fill them with your tears. 

Just remember me when I leave the 2BHK.
Remember the giggles and left behind glitters.
If I had some time on Earth then it would be a tenant in your 2BHK


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  • Nikki

    Just so beautiful! Leaves a mark. :)

    6 months ago
  • Nikki

    Just so beautiful! Leaves a mark. :)

    6 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    That's so beautiful, creative, stunning T^T Proud of you <33

    (And maybe less than half credit goes to me XD)

    But honestly, this is so lovely!!!

    6 months ago
  • Coeur

    This is so cute and creative!

    6 months ago