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huge, huge, huge thank you to @wisp, who left the kindest comment on the last version of this. they added in the quote from athena to odysseus, and i think it's absolutely gorgeous and encapsulates a major theme of the piece:
"among mortal men
you’re far the best at tactics, spinning yarns,
and I am famous among the gods for wisdom,
cunning wiles, too"

to the child who wanted to be athena:

November 22, 2020


to the child who wanted to be athena:
    never stop dreaming. they'll try to yank you back to reality (of course they will -- imagination is reserved for children), but your mind is a haven that you build for yourself. mold it into whatever shape you want it to be, and let it form into a castle underneath your very fingertips. when all else fails, it will always be there for you. 
    never stop dancing. even when you get judgmental stares from shoppers in the supermarket, let yourself be free to move to music playing inside of your head, closing your eyes and getting lost in your body. let it take ahold of you and guide you by your hand through the clouds, maybe even soaring above the sun. 
    never stop telling a story. you observe the world in such a way that lets you create characters out of people and view life as your own little storybook tucked into the bookshelf of your heart. hang on to it, and you might just organize it into something worth giving.
    never stop hugging your friends. it seems like you'll know them forever and ever, doesn't it? unfortunately, you will grow apart from them. it just won't be possible for you to see them in the preschool line anymore. tell them you love them while you know them, but don't try to hold on for longer than necessary. butterflies eventually need to spread their wings and fly.
    never stop reading. your little mind needs stories to fill it and help fuel your own. it's going to get harder and harder to escape into the pages of a book, but push through it. let it feed you and bring flashes of color to the little black words.
    never stop smiling at your brothers. they are you constant friends and companions, and you have two of them -- that's so cool! i know that it's hard to appreciate them some days, but especially as you all grow together, you will learn to hold what you have close to your chests and share it with whispers and giggles behind closed doors in the middle of the night when you're supposed to be in bed. 
    never stop playing your little violin. i know, right now it seems like you'll never get better, but i promise that you will. you'll be able to glide through those runs without your fingers turning a dark purple. you'll be able to listen to the worship pieces in church and instantly place it into the strings, closing your eyes and letting the music take you to places you've never known. it feels glorious. but it'll never come if you give up now.
    never stop finding new reasons to live. there's rain in the sky, but there's also worms to say hello to and puddles to be jumped in. learn what you can from the bad times, and let it infuse you with strength and an inner knowledge that if you can get yourself to live just one more day, you can do anything you set your mind to.
    never stop forgiving. you do it so easily, my love, and the longer you can keep that, the happier you'll be. be wary of manipulators; i will not pretend that you will never fall into their traps set for mice like you; but, all in all, doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?
    never stop loving. you'll want to hate everyone, to look at everything that has gone wrong, but trust me, dear, you need to keep loving. it's hard. it's the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. once love is lost, however, your life will crumble underneath your rainboot-clad feet -- and i never want to see that happen to you again.
    with that, i'll tell you these parting words:
        become athena.
            wield your sword in your hand
                and perch your owl on your shoulder,
                    surround yourself in wisdom and knowledge,
                        give gifts equivalent to olive trees.
                            hold yourself with confidence and surety, 
                                wear your armor with pride,
                                    and darling,
                                        you'll make it yet.

a letter to my younger self.


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  • Minvra

    Can I like, print this out and stick this in a binder?

    6 months ago
  • Minvra

    Forgive and love yourself too!

    6 months ago
  • Minvra

    Lol, my used is her Roman counterpart (without the e)

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    ahhh... i love this <333 beautiful!!! <33

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: <3 <3 <3

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    *tries to remember what i commented bc i have the memory of a cheesecake*
    This is so touching, and every line feels like a memory and a promise of hope.

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Absolutely beautiful. I especially love that last bit!

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie

    tuff this is just beautiful. athena is totally the best, lol.

    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    This is so beautiful and inspiring. Many people will always say you can only be one thing because if you do a lot of things you won't be good at any of them which is not true. So you should always be all the things you want to be whether it's a dancer, a scholar, an athlete, a parent, an innovator. You be all those things! All the time!

    6 months ago
  • Wisp

    Still eternally lovely as the last one...I hope you know how lovely it is, because every time I reread it I am so overcome by a new wave of emotions.
    Replying: I don't mind at all! If anything, I'm flattered you thought of it as highly as you did. And about the name thing, it's totally alright! I get that and I want to be supportive of you in that way, so instead of that how about Artemis? I'm not sure it's as feminine, but since she's the Goddess of Hunt and the Moon, I think it's quite lovely. And signifies you in the strong person who is capable of writing verses as heavenly as the moon itself. If you are not as indulgent of the name, no worries! I honestly don't want to pressure you in any way!

    6 months ago